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Ron Paul on ABC News Today

Here are two videos from ABC news TV coverage today:

Video 1

Video 2

The coverage was very positive.

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The Smiling Baby Shot

Did you notice how they used that footage of Ron holding a baby, both of them smiling in slo-mo? I don't think anyone can complain about this piece, it was so positive. Wow, just imagine what might happen if all of Disney gets behind Ron Paul's campaign?

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Actuallt the whole thing...

It is amazing how they edited this vid... EVERYTHING about it is positive. They actually worked to make it positive in an opinion swaying way.

We need to thank them for this piece.

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Thank-you for posting the

Thank-you for posting the videos and the newspaper clippings. The video was wonderful and it was so exciting to see that the media is not ignoring Ron Paul presently. He is gaining. The presidency is within his grasp. We need Ron Paul! Here is one of my favorite videos by Ron Paul that you may want to watch. Ron Paul speaks the truth and this makes the Republican party nervous.

"Ron Paul- Stop Dreaming"


Will John Stossel be allowed to have RP as a guest now?

I sure hope so

I first learned about Ron Paul through John Stossel talking almost four years ago.

George Will? Yikes

The 2nd clip was really unbelievably good. Yes, they called him a dark horse, underdog, etc., but they gave him credit for doing well - and that is significant.

For George Will to say something on Dr. Paul's behalf was really terrific.

The video was well shot, also. Dr. Paul looked good, nice lighting, clear audio, no sucker-punch questions either. A nice piece.

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watched the videos... wow... I think that is absolutely the kindest corporate media has been to us!

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