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With Gun Agenda Pushed Halfway Through, Still Silence on Lanza Psych Meds


There are thousands of recorded incidents of random violence in
which the perpetrators were on the SSRI class of psyche meds, including James Holmes. But authorities are still mum on what Adam Lanza was on even though he is reported to
have been on medication.

The Los Angeles Times reported Lanza's former babysitter said Lanza
was on some sort of medication since age 10. The former baby sitter,
Ryan Kraft, is now an aerospace engineer in Hermosa Beach. Kraft said:

"I know there was something administered. I'm not sure what."

We also know that there is a casual relationship between some SSRIs
and violence, not just a correlative one. Although in some cases
SSRIs are helpful, they tend to be over-prescribed, and mixed together with unknown side effects.

From Digital Journal:

"Psychiatrists have come forward to assert that certain psychiatric medications, such as those known as SSRIs, are almost certainly the chemical cause of a large number of instances of random violence and suicide in which SSRIs have been present.

The research challenges the pharmaceutical industry's defense
that the high correlation between random violence and the
presence of these medications is due to the mental illness,
not the drugs being prescribed for the illness. Other critics
of the industry claim that drugs tend to be too aggressively
marketed and over-prescribed."

If they are using Sandy Hook to take our guns, doesn't the public
have the right to know if Lanza was on something? Should the slogan
say not "fight gun violence" but "fight big pharma greed?"

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Agree. Fight pharmo greed in putting so many people

on psych drugs from childhood on! Guns are not the problem.

This is one big PSYOP to shape public opinion into accepting disarming the masses so that there is no resistance to the NWO police state. Easier to BULLY unarmed people.