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Canadians Reporters Video Purchase Gun?

What is the deal with Canadian reporters buying firearms and then doing a story on it and then printing it in the news?

Is this even legal?


They spoke with a US Agent about it, so it must be?????

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buy a compressed air tube and some metal work in the garage

stuff it with metal pieces there you go...now since you are all free thinkers here i am pretty sure you can figure it out ;) lol.

if the state makes it difficult in buying establishment guns figure a way to protect your home. it's a God giving right.


Two steps of logic are too many for some people.

Considering that these Canadian reporters broke US law in purchasing the weapon, how can they rationally believe that another US law is going to prevent a Canadian citizen who is intent on breaking the law from breaking it?

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Just some reporters wanting their few minutes of fame

using an issue that is currently news. That is what reporters do.

Criminals, assassins, and anyone bent on violence won’t buy guns legally. There will be a global black market in guns.

The UN Gun Ban Treaty will be global, if we allow it. They will provide guns and money to terrorists but make it so that the average person has no defense for self and family. Not going to happen.