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Poll 66% Disagree with Rubio's (Rands) Immigration Plans

I know there are many on this site who are nieve about our nation destroying illegal immigration problem, but a poll by National Review Online, a moderate/neo conservative site, shows most people understand this dillema and oppose Rubio/Rand's left leaning amnesty plan.

Here's a petition to sign against any amnesty plan posed by the collectivists in Washington.

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A pathway to citizenship is dumb

And will end the US as we know it.

Anybody who thinks otherwise is an utopian dreaming douche bag

RUBIO isnt he from



Explain what Rand has to do with Amnesty.

Last time I checked, Rand proposed an alternate bill that provides no amnesty (no path to citizenship). The article clearly states that the amnesty plan is a concoction of Rubio/McCain/Graham, with no mention of Rand.

It's easy to see that Rubio's friends are no friends of liberty.

True - I think Rand's plan is being mischaractarized

as a "path to citizenship" and linked to Rubio's opinion on the matter.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Agree. I am the one

who supports keeping the borders closed until free-market capitalism is restored and Americans own American land.

My priority is simple:
1. Drive for free-market capitalism (separation of state from economy) within a transition period (say, 25 years for full shrinkage of government, its programs and licenses; 5-7 years for all tariffs and subsidies, etc.)

2. Drive for quick, just and affordable courts (against lawyers "trade union"/guild mafia.) Find the ways to restrain Pentagon, CIA, FBI from their self-interest to expand.

3. Gay group demands (groups have no rights) will get my ear when hetero pride parades are allowed and not viewed as racist.

4. Immigration is allowed after US government returns most of its gold and land to American people (be it bankers, speculators or anyone who can buy it after government stops printing cash.)

I'm sure I'm one of those that is considered "nieve" here.

"nieve" vs "naive"

After looking up the word "naive", you may want to consider the "source"(AMERICANS FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION) of the "unbiased" poll you mention. It's like trying to get poll numbers from Bloomberg and his Pro-Gun Control group on 2nd Amendment issues.

Golly gee! Maybe I'll take a poll at a Gay/Lesbian site regarding same sex marriage? That sounds like a really good idea that would produce unbiased results, no? SMH