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This is as good as it will get, Ex-Military Bio-Environmental Engineer | Kristen Meghan | Blows Whistle On Air Force | Chemtrail

You say how come no one comes forward? Watch the video,,,,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rAxXy...!

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Watched this, great talk

She has a lot of conviction and knows what she is talking about.

Been there, seen it. walked away and now she's warning people straight out.

Chemtrails: They're doing it. Period.

I think

Rosalind Peterson is the best http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsZ69DRGGG0

Here is a forum topic from

Here is a forum topic from January or so 2013 about her:


She does reply, and it's an interesting read, but as the poster below says, "No evidence". She also says she has samples (taken from yard maybe), but since they were taken while she was Active duty, she can't post the results, due to possible prosecution. (typical way to hide evidence you don't have.)

As far as being educated, she made this statement: "The difference between contrails and chemtrails is easy. Contrails are from temperature variances at high altitudes that dissipate rapidly, where as chemtrails are stagnant and do not dissipate, they expand."

And that is wrong. Long lasting contrails require high relative humidity, and at times, the air can be super saturated and around -40c/f. If you farted up there you would create a big trail. Kinda embarrassing if those conditions existed at ground level.

I'm not saying chemtrails don't exist, I'm saying she has provided no evidence, and doesn't seem that physically knowledgeable about what she is talking about.

Take a look at this image:

On the bottom right, you will see pressure and dew point, temp. This image changes, but for now it's -55c and -55c dew point at flight level 250mb. That's 100% humidity. The contrails are lasting, and spreading. That's super cooled, clear skies with trails.

On days when dew point is lower than temp, you get short trails. Simple observation.

To check your local area, use this link to check your 250mb readings and compare to sky: http://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/smcd/opdb/goes/soundings/ske...


you're overlooking

the most obvious.

Contrails only form under conditions that you describe - they canNOT persist because the heated vapor immediately gives up its heat to the surrounding atmosphere and the vapor is gone. Under the most extreme conditions, a contrail could persist for as much as 75 to 90 seconds.

Never minutes and certainly not hours.

You might be overlooking

You might be overlooking also.

When the dew point and temperature are the same, it's called FOG - at ground level. That can last much more than 90 seconds.

Research old London Fog. They had so much pollution the city was always foggy. It's takes particles to condense on, with out it - it just stays as vapor (most goes to ice at -40c/f).

With jet exhaust, you get particles and excess water. It's physics, plain and simple. I've seen the pictures of planes rigged for spraying, yep, and of course it is done. But what you see in the sky sometimes, it isn't that, it's just mostly contrails.

I don't deny they can do it, heck I could do like those "youths" in Georgia and that white baby ('cept I don't have a .25 caliber). But I don't. Just because you can doesn't mean you will, (or have the will too). And just because someone else can do something, doesn't mean they did it. And even if they did it for specific occasions, it's not what you see when you look up.

I saw it on TV it must be real.
I saw it on the internet, it must be real.
Some chick said it's real, with no evidence, it must be real.
Give a monkey a million years and it will eventually write the Bill of Rights.




Breath Deep

Go outside and breath deeply... it's good for you.

Yep. The air is perfect here.

Yep. The air is perfect here. Clean, no smog, no smoke. Just some vapor trails high in the sky. Nicest day of the year so far.

Temp: 76
Humidity: <10%
Wind: 2-5kt variable.
Visibility: 100+ miles. (yes one hundred).

Sometimes I can see things over Utah or Idaho, 300+ miles away. Good air, so I will do what you said and take another DEEP breath, and if I'm lucky, I'll keep doing that for a long time.



..long and healthy life to you

is it possible that they are not spraying in your area?

very possible.

but that doesn't mean I'm incorrect when I say, they are spraying in my area.

lucky you,... simple as that.


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There is ABSOLUTELY no shred of evidence to say that chemtrails are really real.

don't you trust

your own eyes? or does the TV have to say it before it's true?

There was actual a 30 minute

There was actual a 30 minute PBS special the other day showing how planes are used to spread aluminum particles into cloud systems. I saw it first hand a few years ago and blatantly remember half the DP crowd saying no planes ever attempt to modify the weather. So now I've seen it with my own eyes, have got admissions of weather modification from health/environmental state and government representatives over the phone, and have watched it on a public television station. A show praising the 'wonderful effects' of corporate globalization and cooperation between non UN states and the UN followed soon after on the same channel. Twilight zone

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson

"I saw it first hand a few

"I saw it first hand a few years ago and blatantly remember half the DP crowd saying no planes ever attempt to modify the weather."

Who ever said this? It's called "cloud seeding". The fallacy is linking cloud seeding to some kind of malicious conspiracy to control minds or deliberately ruin people's health.

Cloud seeding. It's nothing new and as far as I have seen, proof positive that there are permanent ill health effects from it are non-existant. It is simply another paranoid conspiracy story people love to get whipped into a frenzy over.

Do the science please.