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Gold, Silver Plunge, Investors Fear Confiscation?

IT was only a matter of time before investors start to price in the real possibility of government confiscation of precious metals. It's even happened in the US before:

Why Are Gold and Silver ETFs Plunging When There Are So Many Problems In The World?

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Research these terms (I prefer using duckduckgo.com)

Michael Riconosciuto
Robert Booth Nichols
Samuel Israel III
John P. Ellis
Danny Casolaro
Iran Contra
Cali Cartel
Manuel Noriega
$250 billion US Treasury Note
2500 metric tonnes of gold
London Safe Deposit Company Ltd.
Federal Reserve Bank (Atlanta)
Bush family
Mena, AK
Clinton family
Bank of Nova Scotia
Twin Towers

the lower it goes the more excited i get.

you cant mine silver at 20$ oz. it will not cover the operational cost.with the energy prices wages going up in Mexico Peru china.if that is the case mines will close and the industry will keep sucking silver into medical technologies(it prevents the growth of microbes) the electronic fields and the textile industry(again to prevent microbe growth) also each car manufactured needs over 20 grams of silver and so on....once the inventory lowers demand will outpace supply but this time it will skyrocket forcing mines to reopen from their maintenance and care status that cost millions a year just to keep it on stand by.... Price fixing? indeed.

that's why i buy silver every week and almost liquidated my 401 crap k! and will keep putting 50% of my paycheck into physical silver.

among the silver addict i am a amature and we are millions. therefore the government cant fool us.

The only reason these mines are open is because of the 30$ + oz price!

Top 20 Silver Producing Countries in 2011
(millions of ounces)

1. Mexico 152.8
2. Peru 109.8
3. China 103.9
4. Australia 55.2
5. Chile 42.1
6. Poland 40.8
7. Russia 40.0
8. Bolivia 39.0
9. United States 36.0
10. Argentina 22.6
11. Canada 19.1
12. Kazakhstan 17.6
13. India 11.0
14. Turkey 9.4
15. Sweden 9.1
16. Guatemala 8.8
17. Morocco 7.3
18. Indonesia 6.0
19. Iran 3.5
20. Papua New Guinea 3.0


DHS Advising Local PD’s of General Economic Collapse


Thursday, April 11, 2013

The source for this was an officer at the briefing. The police department was located in the Midwest and the city has a population of around 300,000.

DHS advised select PD brass that they were expecting a total economic collapse as early as the end of April. They suggested departments stock up on supplies, including that individual officers keep supplies of non-perishable foods should the need arise.

The officer also mentioned that a firearms confiscation protocol would be used and BATFE would assist via dissemination of ATF form 3310.4 data as well other info gathered from gun show surveillance.

The officer was previously clueless to any of this and is basically just your typical PD bureaucrat. He was surprised that these instructions were being issued.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

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You must disclose the names.