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C I S P A’s B A C K!

CISPA just passed a closed door vote of the House Intelligence Committee 18 to 2.



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Need to be proactive

We KNEW they were going to keep trying. What we need is legislation which is already there to block this crap. They need to front us the freedom instead of making us have to make us constantly beg for it!



Satin will never stop trying

Satin will never stop trying to destroy us.

We should start an NRA/GOA type protection organization for the Internet.

What's wrong with satin?

I think it is a lovely fabric.

what about...

Satan wrapped in satin?

Ask your RINO this... "Why do you support Hollywood?"

Ask your RINO this... "Why do you support Hollywood? Why do you support Hollywood's CISPA legislation when Hollywood gives so much money to Democrats? Are you a Democrat Congressman? Are you a Democrat Senator?"

I asked one of Rep. Todd Young's staffers this at a meeting of constitutional conservatives yesterday. The idiot had no response and looked frightened by my suggestion.




is it me or someone is screwing with the caption?

rain fall instead of Rand Paul?

Government greedy cannot be exceeded.

Governments say it's illegal to hack government systems.

So now government wants to hack our systems with impunity.

We have the bad guys on tape, Sibel Edmonds translated their treacheries.

The House Intelligence has sat on the information for a decade. Now they hope to distract us by tilting at Internet windmills.

CISPA Government Snoop and Share Act. It's not clear who they are protecting.

Free includes debt-free!