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Cost of War to the United States

Cost of War to the United States


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just... wow.

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Measuring the cost of war in FRNs barely scratches the surface

What about the costs to the "enemies"?
What is unseen - that is, what could those FRNs have funded instead of killing and destruction?
And last but not least, what of the human costs - the families on both sides who lose loved ones, and the soldiers who return foverever crippled in body and spirit?


Was informative for learning a fact about the wars. Does anybody think that that number is an overestimate or underestimate of the amount of money spent since 2001 until today? Like, do you think that's a conservative estimate or anything? I really don't know how the money is calculated.

I feel like this number is

I feel like this number is really low. Haven't "Overseas Operations" cost us something like $300bn every year?

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George Strait

I thought the same thing about the numbers being kind of low also.