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A Call To Action

This week a friend and I are going to start passing this letter out to as many houses as we can.

I feel that there are a lot of people out there who have a lot of worries about this country, but don't know what to do.

I encourage everyone to do the same!

Write your own letters or use mine. We need to lite this fucking brushfire!... teams win or lose in the off season.

Lets get to work!


Dear Citizen,

Can anyone here really think that things are getting better in this Country or around the World?
Do any of you ever consider that what this world needs is FREEDOM?

Even more than freedom, we need people willing to promote freedom... Scratch that!.. We need people willing to learn and Understand What Freedom is all about. I like to think that by writing this letter, I am planting seeds in the minds of those who DO take the time to read this in its entirety... because, I often wonder where words can lead.

- I want the World to Start Walking!
- I want the People of this world to regain that which has been lost!
- I want everyone Black, Indian, Hispanic, White, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Gentile, Jew to unite under the banner of FREEDOM!
- I want those with awareness and knowledge to preach LIBERATION to those who know not of their Chains!
- I want CHANGE.

For too long we have been told what Freedom is, by people who don't understand it. There exists a group of people in this world who constantly seek to imprison us both mentally and physically... people for whom the dollar, and the power it brings, reigns supreme.

I think this is where I usually lose most people to remarks like these:

- "Who Exactly are the "People" who don't want us to be Free?"...
- "How do they control my life?... I am FREE to do whatever I want."...
- "If so many people are conspiring against us, how have they been able to keep it secret? Wouldn't these people be discovered by now?"...
- "Do you really think that our Government is smart enough to orchestrate such a seemingly massive undertaking, when they can't even balance a fucking budget?"...
- "How can soooo many people keep such a BIG secret?"

The quick answer to most of these questions are "Fucking Look It Up!... Source your information!". Learn about American History, European History, The Federal Reserve and ABOVE ALL Austrian Economics... put the pieces together for yourself.

It is as if we look at each event in history as if it were in a vacuum...

"oooh this piece has nothing to do with that piece. And this piece... this piece is just the result of that piece and we can't know what was intended about some of these pieces and yeah these two pieces have similar patterns, but there are no conclusions to be drawn".

… …
…If you held in your hands a single piece to a puzzle, you would have entirely no context in which you can describe its relevance relative to the whole... but if you were capable of holding even more pieces, you may be capable of discerning a larger image constructed from the sum of each piece. Our History has been re-written and re-interpreted to provide each of us with puzzle pieces so distorted we could not find its matching pair without personal effort and desire... Without its matching pair... without an un-distorted puzzle piece, we are kept from realizing that there is a plan for us ALL crafted at the highest levels of Power... A plan to usher in a New World Order. And guess what, it's not good for us... its good for them.


oooh Socialism! Such a "Buzz" word these days... I would bet that most people who believe they are Capitalists are truly IN FACT socialists who think themselves Capitalist because they live in "AMERICAH" and Capitalism is what makes America Great!... I've heard people say things like... "Actually, we have a "Mixed Economy" here in America"... as if such a thing were even FUCKING POSSIBLE. This is how great the ignorance is regarding Capitalism... You cannot have a Capitalist society with just a sprinkling of Socialism... They are Mutually Exclusive!

We live in the USSA!... Please People WAKE UP!

Do you guys know why Communism was EVIL?
Do you know how Hitler came to power?
Have you ever read Mein Kampf?
Have you ever read the Communist Manifesto?

Socialists are NOT ROBIN HOOD.

Countless people praise Socialists like Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama because they think these people are only "giving back" wealth to those who NEED IT from those who TOOK IT...

Who doesn't admire The Righteous Man standing up against oppression and STEALING From Others That Which Was Stolen From Them... How Noble.

The only problem is that Socialists are not taking wealth from THOSE WHO STEAL wealth but rather from THOSE WHO MAKE wealth. Small Businesses create wealth... the Federal Reserve and all Central Banks STEAL wealth. Small Businesses create jobs... Mega Transnational Corporations destroy jobs through lobbying for Regulations that restrict small businesses from even competing while also lobbying for Tax and Regulatory Exemptions.

Socialism does NOT hurt Large Transnational Corporations, it hurts small businesses. Communism does NOT lead to more production and more prosperity, it overwhelmingly produces POVERTY and DEATH.

I believe that on an Emotional level each one of us "Americans" believe we live in the Greatest Country In The World... "The Land Of The Free"... that's right America is "FREE" and all the world marvels at our FREEDOMS because they want to emulate us. Therefore, we are doing GOOD to spread "DEMOCRACY" all over the World.

This Massive blind obedience to an ideology not even understood by those who promote it stems from our Education System!

They got you Young... and they got you Good!

Break OUT!

It only takes the Internet and a Willingness to learn... or rather re-learn.

Even more important than Reading and Learning is Discussion... Talk to people about these issues, post post post... Don't be afraid about what other people in your "Friends List" might think of you, if you posted something that questions "Common Knowledge". Do not fear that you may have thrown at you the dreaded "Conspiracy Theorist" label. Crazy is “Majority Rules"... Fuck that! Seek Truth, Learn Truth, Spread Truth as best as you can however you can. You may mess up from time to time and get a few "facts" wrong here and there, but let that stuff slide and focus on getting better... know that what you have to say is far more honest than any Shit they will see on T.V. and that your opinion is invaluable.... Absolutely, irrefutably invaluable.

Your Fellow Citizen

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