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Landslide shuts down silver mine in Utah that supplied 10% of domestic production. POOF! Gone.


So, a 10% reduction in capacity for the next few years... I am thinking that should knock the price down by 20% or so...

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who is John Galt?

Sorry couldn't help it lol.

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They are not even a major player,

RTNTF is an over the counter bulletin board stock. Can they really control that much supply? Interesting move stop production, while the paper and physical battle plays out. And collect insurance money in the off period. Might have to invest here. (After the sell off)

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landslide shuts down 'copper' mine; silver is byproduct.


Well, I'm sure the biggest concern is further slides, and safety. That will take some time to assess and remedy.

Then, it is possible that the slide will actually help production, as it has loosened and pulverized these materials for hauling.

Estimates for these things are often padded.

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Why would the price go down? I think you're confused.


Some people are almost too dry.

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Are you saying the OP is being sarcastic because I don't get it

The OP was being sarcastic.

There ought to be a "sarcasm" font.

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And this is how a "cynic" is created..

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that my sarcasm is not far from what is playing out. As to the person who hinted my humor may be "too dry" - well.... what say ye now?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I told you

I told you to never do business with Danconia Copper!

i don't know but i never buy mining shares.

i only buy physical silver.

less mining would result in less supply

therefor eventually demand will outpace supply and will result in price increase.

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