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Ron Paul Home School Curriculum Under Attack

It seems once again Ron Paul is being attacked by big publications like the Guardian, even in retirement he simply can’t promote liberty without the internationalists taking issue. So what is the tactic they are using this time? Apparently his Homeschool Curriculum is being written by Evangelical Christians… dun da duuuun!


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Phxarcher87's picture

Well ideas have consequences

you should never let a political group define you as a being. Take for example like the heros of our movement, their beings describe what political group they fall under not libertarian alone.

James Madison

libertarian is not political though

[L]ibertarian is. Small l-libertarianism is a lifestyle philosophy of non-aggression.
☮☮☮ PEACE ☮☮☮

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I agree

but lately it seems you can slam someone with a keyboard and it is ok.

Is non-agression apply to only physical touching or verbal too?

Do words do damadge like a fist?

James Madison

Have I offended you?

If so, tell me why. I cannot read minds. Did my comment about a homeschooling program stacked with Evangelicals offend you? What if it was stacked with Atheists? Would you use it for your kids?

I say what's on my mind. I would rather people do that than silently down-vote, build up anger, and passively agress. (which I see you have done) If I offend someone I want to know. If someone offends me, I speak up. I have been sick since the beginning of March (actually for years but a nasty flare for weeks) and I am sick and tired of being sick. My fuse is short right now and I never said I am perfect. I really do get sick of all the in-your-face Christian stuff though. Nearly half the people at DP either quote the bible often or have bible signatures. Not one Atheist advertises but when they start a thread on the topic they are ridiculed and downvoted. So when I get worn down I get sick of seeing all the Jesus stuff. I love Catholics for that very reason: they leave me alone with their beliefs and they don't advertise. I am telling you this because it has been bothering me. If I get it out, it feels better for me, and, imo, better for everyone else because I do not run around with a grudge. Name calling with no argument and no explanation(something I try to avoid) is not a violation of NAP but a sign that the name caller is unhappy, not doing anything about it, and making life worse for folks around him. NAP is a social order. Quest for personal virtue and happiness are in a different category, imo.

I tried to give you a peace sign. Either take it or tell me what you want. Tell me I offended you if I did but I do not want to get into beliefs with you. If you are Evangelical please tell me you are and why it offends you that I do not see eye to eye with them. I have tried to explain 10 different ways what I meant by my comment that you were offended by. I even told you I am an Atheist (something I keep to myself). I have tried to make peace. What is up?

Phxarcher87's picture


I hope you feel better. I am not offended in any way.

I was just pretty much try to show, that not all Christ followers are to be worried about.

That the majority of our heros of this movement have a direct communication with Jesus Christ our lord and savior from death. For them to organize and challenge the status quo on education, media and judicial matters is a beautiful thing and I hope you can see this.

I pray that your definitive view of Christians are not set in stone. The ability to never be open to learning because you had one bad teacher is a dark and dangerous place to be.

Nothing is more important in this world than your personal salvation. NO political movement, no group, nothing else matters until you find peace with the one who knitted you together inside of your mothers womb.

You mentioned why you love Catholics so much over the, "In your face" people. I know we are conditioned and taught from a very young age about putting people into groups, but i would refrain from that.
There are no two same people in this world. Lumping people together instantly discredits and judges before a friendship could ever be started and that i would call a true tragedy. <3

James Madison

I love ya, phxarcher87.

I try to understand where Protestants are coming from. I really do. I am just on the opposite side. If the homeschool program was stacked with all Atheists I would have concern too. Evangelical and Atheists are at opposite extremes. The majority in each group are relatively open-minded. But there are extremes everywhere. Stephan Molynuex is an example. I really like most of what he says but he has stockpiled up anger about Christians and is a bit closed-minded about the spirit world. Gary North is the same on the Evangelical side.

So, it's all good.

Lumping people together is very human. It it very helpful in self defense. Bears bad, dogs good. Aligators bad, kittens good. There is nothing wrong with it. But as intelligent creatures we need to be able to reckon with our minds in realizing that these are just helpful stereotypes. Not all bears are harmful, and not all kittens are lovable. But the fact that we can categorize helps us survive.

I am a libertarian because I do not want anyone telling me what to do and I do not want other thinking they more about me than me. Evangelicals (as opposed to other Christians) have in their doctrine that evangelizing is part of 'salvation'. But evangelizing, to me, is not very libertarian. So, imho (possibly a bad one) I think evangelizing is putting oneself on a pedestal and forcing ones will on others. Imo, that is wrong. So, maybe I am wrong, but I will continue to be bugged by this behavior until I either become a Christian, or until I come up with a defense against it.

Anyway, thanks phxarcher87, we can be friends in liberty and disagree in spiritual views.

Thank you for giving in. I am trying to as well.


They should have Jan Helfeld,

They should have Jan Helfeld, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff and ect give their own litte chapters where they share nuggets of truth and facts they've learned.

Gary North hasn't exactly won the love of homeschool moms

in the past, where he berates moms for not coming up with free curriculum for the masses. I suspect he meant it for retired homeschool moms if there is such a thing, but I remember reading this article and getting really put off by it.


"It is time for the women who have successfully taken their children through the process to show others how to do it. No more "I'm just not equipped." No more "Woe, woe, woe -- poor helpless me." No more "But I'm so busy." No more "I've done my part with my kids. That's enough for anyone to do." They are all variations of this one: "Some man should do all this -- Khan or Robinson. It's just too much for me."

No more excuses. Excuses do not win wars."

If that put you off then ......

........well, maybe it's you not him. It IS time for people of all areas, homeschool moms, "career" moms, dads, teachers, former teachers, pastors, YOU NAME IT, to GET OFF THEIR DEAD A$$ES and step up to the plate.

I'm done with people's excuses myself.

You either get up off the couch and go DO something or you continue to slip into slavery. It's that simple.

"If that put you off, then maybe

it's you not him." My sentiments, exactly.

My kids were home schooled in the 80's before it was "legal" and if anyone got in my face about it, I nailed him to the wall. Same thing in the 90's after it became legal in my state, because it was still dangerous. After having to wave a sword in front of a fire-breathing dragon for years, to educate my kids, I would not throw North out the window over a piddly criticism.

I hope he's jazzed up the math

because there's not enough Ritalin in the world for a kid to sit through this:


But why, oh why, hasn't a homeschool mom taken the time to make a video like that?

I'm not trying to trash the curriculum, but I do want anything with Ron Paul's name on it to be of high quality. I'm sure the history and econ stuff will be great.

The market will determine

which parts of this curriculum succeed and which parts need more work.

If moms are going to home school,

they can't wear their feelings on their sleeves. They just have to know what they are about, and DO IT, not caring what anyone else thinks. If moms don't want to write home school curriculum, they don't need to care what anyone thinks about it. Taking the time to look sideways at Gary North over some obscure opinion of his, is silly.

North is brilliant and knowledgeable and has a lot to offer, if people have eyes to see and a mind to understand. Ron Paul wouldn't have chosen North to help with the project if North were an idiot.

Homeschool moms have thicker skins than most people.

One thing they always do is look at the worldview of the author of any curriculum they are selecting. This is not a "sideways" look, but an evaluation of the motivation of the authors.

I don't see how his comment

that moms might want to think about writing a curriculum has anything to do with his motives in the curriculum he is doing with Ron Paul. It seems that his comment rubbed some moms' fur the wrong way, when it really ought not to have, that's all.

If they really want to promote it,

They should ask someone in the state legislature to "consider" banning it. Then it would sell like hotcakes.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


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I already signed up/ bad publicity is good publicity

I can't wait to see what the cirrculum will actually be. My husband, who claims to be libertarian, found out that I wanted to use Ron Paul's curriculum and became upset. He associates Ron Paul with all the conspiracy theories, including vaccines being dangerous and global government. I believe all that is true, but he doesn't. (Wish our marriage luck, people.) I know the Ron Paul curriclum is not going to be the infowars curriculum. I think when he sees the information that Ron Paul promotes it will reassure him.
No, Ron Paul's homeschool is not going to get widespread public approval, who thought it would? I like even bad publicity- here's why: everyone is going to think it's either infowars anti-government or fire and brimstone creation education. It's free and will be availble for viewing in September. People are going to want to look at it just so they can make fun of it. And if it's good stuff that they find they actually agree with? well, well, well HOOKED

Lew Rockwell responded 2 that, the curriculum will

the curriculum will be 'religion friendly' but won't in itself be religious.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul