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Just plain tired of the Political BS, Religious BS, Hating BS.. Ready for the


Festival. There is a strong need for all of us to get back to the earth. Smell the soil, the plants. Learn to re-coup the seed. share with others.

We MUST be motivated to help those of us that need it. I am willing to help anyone. I am more motivated to help those that want to self-sustain.

Hope to see some of you at the Festival!


I'll be wearing the S1000RR t-shirt. You know , the old guy that likes riding really F*^&ing Fast!

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Hard to Find This Post

on DP because it wasn't full of BS. Haha. I love it though. What's stupid is that Michael wants more posts like this but they never make the front page. Go figure.


I couldn't agree more!

I couldn't agree more!

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Get Prepared!

grow your own


Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Farming and gardening can be

Farming and gardening can be work, but it can also be fun.


Just got a cool small palm tree for my living room.
I treat plants as if they were my pets with lots of love.

Enjoy your day my friend!

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