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CBS is being really lame right now!

I'm at work with a TV in the background, and right now, there is a full fledged leading story on the US's role in catching KONY in Africa. Propaganda at it's best. Hooray for interventionism.

CBS = See BS

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It is their Illuminati

It is their Illuminati eyeball logo and the fact they don't represent truth in broadcasting anymore but how to best deceive the masses for money.

the illuminati

the illuminati should really be called the obfuscati, because that is what they truly do, obfuscate, not illuminate. lol

no more participation in the reiteration of their wordplay propagation.


I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

When are the mainstream media

When are the mainstream media ever not lame?

Don't worry...

They and the other lamestream lying media are losing viewers faster than ever before.