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83 Million illegals in about 20 Years?

How do people like the sounds of that?


How is that libertarian position on immigration shaping up now?

Imagine the costs of benefits???

People should move there to reciprocate but alas Mexico which supplies roughly 80 per cent of illegals has very tough immigration laws lol

Too bad some senior leading libertarians will unfortunately most likely not be around to see the fruits of their labors regarding this issue.

Reap what you sow.

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Bring 'em on. Coffee and

Bring 'em on. Coffee and milk make a latte. Who doesn't love a tall latte? I call bs on your stats though.

That is BS. There will not be

That is BS. There will not be 83 million in 20 years. The population of Mexico as a whole is only about 112 million people. Taking into account percentages from there and other countries plus growth, would mean that Mexico could end up losing like 15% of its population which is bullshit; and this assumes that people keep getting in from other countries aside from Mexico.
Estimating from current illegal immigrant growth rates is not accurate over the long term unless you want to estimate growth due to child birth alone.

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