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Look at the amazing stories and positive feedback we are getting from only 5 million. "They" and America are starting to admit to taking Ron Paul seriously.

The bottom line is that Ron needs to have 40 to 50 million in the final quarter to simply blow away the competition and prove to the GOP he can get the cash and he's the one to nominate.....even though they've fought him almost every step of the way. With more people realizing he is more than sane, including the GOPers at the top, they may start re-analyzing what they have been thinking and doing over the years and their negative attitude towards Ron Paul.

Big donations are especially important in the first month or so of this quarter as tv and radio ads can be planned and word gets out before closed primary states end their opportunity for people to change party.

Send your money in today....don't wait until Christmas when everyone is broke and it may be too late for the campaign to take full advantage of it. The positve articles give us some real hope, but money will give us the nomination!