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Let's come together as a community and do some good for Boston! Let's find some clues!

Many people like to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon. If that's what you choose, more power to you. But at this time we need facts not speculation. Let's use this thread and our awesome interweb abilities at the DP to scour the 1000s of pics rolling across the net to get clues.

This pic here shows where one of the bombs went off. You can see the char marks. You can't tell me we can't find a pic or footage that shows this position just prior to the explosion.


The other explosion occurred in front of what I assume is a restaurant called the Forum. Lets pinpoint where the bomb was located and see if we can't find the unexploded bomb.

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Why would the pics be wiped from the website?

Also notice that TV media won't show pics of suspects.

You can be damn sure if there is an escaped convict or somebody robbed a bank, their photos are plastered all over the news so people can be on the lookout and anyone who knows them can come forward with clues.

But not this ... no, it's almost as if they DON'T want anybody to identify who did it.

Wow wire. The people in these photos (links now dead)

Are now said to be the suspects. Confirmed on fox 30 seconds ago.

I think they're on to something


Ooo. What about this one?

Ooo. What about this one?


Columbus, Ohio

are these the suspects now ?

are these the guys they think are the main 2 suspects now ?
yes, they want to hide this from the public for "national security" reasons - (just in case they were FBI stooges! )

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

he might be looking through it

In the second picture it looks like he might have it in front of him and is rummaging through it. In the third picture he might have it on, I can't tell. However, in the 3rd picture what happened to his friend in blue with the big duffle bag?

There's a redhead w yellow sunglasses in 2 pictures

Showing not much time delay between 2. Not clear how long after or before the 3rd was taken.

Here's where they think the

Here's where they think the Forum bomb was planted showing the bag? Now with all those pictures and video, they have to have seen this guy.


Now there is a bombing murderer on the loose and they wont release an image to find him? So f-ed up. Is there a video of this spot earlier in the day that doesn't show the bag?!

Columbus, Ohio

Is the link...

...correct? Didn't seem to show a photo.

it seems to have been removed along with the top one

does anyone have a cached copy? or saved??