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Family Guy bombing hoax

I have seen many people post on FB that Family Guy predicted the bombing about a month ago and show a clip that is gaining steam on YouTube now. Don't fall for it. The clip is spliced together from two different episodes but made to look like one.

Cheeky. There is definitely no conspiracy there.

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One episode

Seeing the original post on the subject, I watched the episode myself on hulu: Turban Cowboy. Both scenes are in the episode. (It's since been taken down.)

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but your'e an idiot

because you forgot to check and see if it was the same episode before posting an article about it.

mind your sources before you spread nonsense.

define hoax? because I think it is still suspicious that these two scenes whether they are spliced or not still raise questions and concerns about what the creator of family guy was thinking when making the episode.

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ok so

i misunderstood someone else saying it was from seperate parts of the same episode. Guess that makes me an idiot, and you an asshole.


but thats exactly what that meaNS :D

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Ok. soo

Someone else told me it was from two dif. episodes. Guess that makes me an idiot and you and a-hole.

Here's The Video


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

The clips are from the same episode!


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

from the same episode

different times within the episode.
death at the finish line of the boston marathon.
two bombs set off.
but, good luck trying to find it now.
they've taken every link to it off the internet.
but, go ahead and trust them when they say it's a hoax.
they deserve that trust, right?

Others are saying...

......they're from two different spots in the same episode. Which is it?

They are from two different

They are from two different spots of the "same" episode. I still have it on my DVR. I don't know why people keep spreading dis-info. Idiots out there are editing it to look like peter killed marathon runners by activating a bomb with his cell phone.

I'm glad no one actually knows what happened in the episode

gives me hope for humanity :)

The way I understand it Peter wins the Boston Marathon driving his car (you see it in the picture). However, it is revealed in the same episode that he blew up some bombs in order to win.

Unfortunately we can't go to Hulu where the episode used to be to confirm this for everybody.

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The clips are from the same episode... HOWEVER, they are not in the same scene of the episode, and they are put in reverse order. I still find it fishy.

Check for yourself before you propagate anything...

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