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Video: Why the Government Hates Homeschooling/How Public Education Leads to Statism

I've posted about the Romeike family before, but I had not seen this short video detailing their case. The father makes the link very clearly, between public education and loss of freedom in a nation.


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I think this pretty much sums

I think this pretty much sums up the whole public school situation in less than 2 min:


We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

As cynical as I am re public school

education, and as many faults & problems I could list where schools and teachers are concerned, I do not think that that clip is representative of the perspective or goals of too many.

And while I *wholeheartedly agree* that children's prescription drug use is a major problem, and that schools can be the ones pushing it on the recommendation of school psychologists (and children's medical doctors) for children that teachers have difficulty with in the classroom re behavior, it's also the case - for both Ritalin-type drugs and *anti-depressants* - that a) children's private psychologists and pediatricians push these drugs; and b) there are parents who have difficulty dealing with their children's overactive behavior, depression, and/or "underachievement" who themselves *want* them on drugs (and also legally classified so as to be granted certain extra help and accommodations). It's not just schools that are responsible for the daily fix that millions of children receive: it's also psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and parents.

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Thats a pretty fair analysis,

Thats a pretty fair analysis, the clip was meant to be more humorous than anything but it is telling in a number of ways.

I believe many teacher have the kids best interest at heart but the people that make the curriculum and write the textbooks are the ones revising history and shaping our children's world view. The standardized testing programs have also caused a lot of damage as teachers now must "teach for the test" to secure funding instead of working on expanding children’s minds.

What you said about the drugs is spot on regarding where the druge are coming from, I think children's diet has a great impact on their behavior as well- especially with the massive refined sugar intake many kids get with processed food. The other side of the coin is that our public schools run like prisons and kids naturally get bored and fidgety sitting in a desk all day.

As far as the clip, I think their take on the pledge of allegiance is accurate. It is not patriotic or American to force our kids to pledge allegiance blindly to something like a flag. Our flag is just a symbol and will represent whatever our government want it to. I find it interesting that we "Pledge allegiance to the flag" then every politician is pretty much required to wear a flag lapel on their suit. Psychologically, this conditions us to pledge allegiance to whoever is wearing the flag or has one behind them on TV.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

thanks to whomever embedded

thanks to whomever embedded for me. :)

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? "The Government" doesn't hate homeschooling. "The Government" has progressively made homeschooling in the U.S. first legal in all 50 states and continues to make it easier in most. Many, many state legislators and U.S. senators and representatives have worked hard and continue to work to make homeschooling legal. Many are working now to make it so that parents can divert their education property tax dollars to the schools of their choice -- public, private, home.

Neither does public education lead to statism. Parents are the predominate teachers of their children whether they send them to public schools, private school, homeschool, or nothing. Such language is simply a hedge-row built by parents who are too weak to create a strong family culture.

I fail to see how broadening U.S. asylum categories to include anyone who can't homeschool in their home country is a good idea. People in Germany need to change their county's homeschooling laws if they want homeschooling. We did that here in the U.S. Beginning in the late 70s and to date, Americans have been electing folks who have changed the face of education in this country. This family's claim that they'll lose their children because of the big bad German government is gross. What sort of parents would stand by "homeschooling" while their children were taken into foster care? No family that actually cares about their children. A family that's playing a game and not working through the process in their own country.

Much like Ron Paul argued against government foreign aid because it subverts and delays the progress of the foreign nation recipients, we should not offer asylum for folks who want something their government isn't offering outside of life and physical freedom. The R family needs to work inside Germany for reform. The U.S. needs to take its hands off and let people in other countries suffer enough to make their own changes.

Parents are the predominate teachers of their children...

if parents would uphold this mandate - we would be in a much better place regarding education.

Too many leave the educating to others (schools, Sunday schools/youth groups, peers, etc.) - not good.

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Yes. No matter how we as

Yes. No matter how we as parents choose to educate our children for a spell, we are in charge. I think that homeschooling my children early on brought this home to me. If we put them in a public school, that's what were choosing as the directors of their education for that time. If we choose to take them out for a spell, that's what we're choosing as the directors of their educations.

If problems occur in their public education stint, my children know that the system is not the arbiter. My husband and I are. We decide. Parents decide. We are not subject to school rules. We control our children's education.

This sounds kinda ridiculous.

Kinda like saying, "why are you saying our government hates freedom? we have more freedom here than anywhere on earth."

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

No, instead they just

No, instead they just bankrupt the nation so parents have no choice but to ship off their kids to government babysitting/brainwashing facilities. Your kids must also test in the public education system to make sure that you are educating them. You're given curriculum. You really have no right to educate them how you see fit, except the Amish. The state makes sure in some way with force that kids are educated to some established standard. You can't just pull your kids out of school without registering some alternative.

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Maybe you and the other

Maybe you and the other voters in your state are a bit behind. In many states you can educated your children at home with no oversight. They are graduated when you declare them so. There's no "established standard" in many states. The nation isn't bankrupt in this regard and in fact has been trending toward more freedom for homeschooling. If your little corner is so bankrupt, work on it; don't condemn the states that have liberated parents to school as they see fit with your myopia.

Myopia? The whole country is

Myopia? The whole country is bankrupt. Show me a state where they ignore federal regulations on education and let people just not educate their child.

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These are the states that

These are the states that require nothing from parents who wish to homeschool:

New Jersey

These are the states that require ONLY that parents notify the district that they homeschooling. Well, there are 13, including my state and I don't feel like listing them for your laziness.

That's 23 states. Um...more than half...that require nothing substantiated from parents.

The rest fall down a ladder of increasing state involvement. But nowhere is homeschooling illegal or even so burdensome that no one does it. Take note of the use of my use of the word "state." Absolutely no federal laws prevent or curtail parental decisions when it comes to the education of children privately -- whether at home or at private institutions. The gradations in homeshcooling laws are entirely state laws. No federal laws curtail homeschooling or parental choice in private schools.

You're just wrong.

When it comes to education, the trend has been toward more freedom for parents who wish to educate their children at home or in private schools. This trend is continuing with many states attempting school choice legislation that allows local tax money to follow the student, rather than the residential district, into whatever form of education his/her parents decide.

Repeat: There is NO STATE in which you cannot homeschool your child. A quarter of all states require nothing; another quarter ask only that parents notify their districts that they are homeschooling. Less than half of the other states require some form of assurance that your child is being educated. Repeat: the trend has been toward more parental control; less state control.

Repeat: no federal laws apply to a parent's decision to homeschool or place a child in private school.

Moreover, not every state has agreed to federal benchmarks in exchange for federal money. It's not a law; it's a carrot. Several states have opted out. Several others have called foul.

You're just wrong. The OP was wrong to imagine some Big Federal Dragon controlling our children's education. It is firmly within our control. Look only to the 23 states who have declared it so and ask only what is wrong with the folks in your state -- and you -- to not work to make it so for your own acreage. I've participated in encouraging education freedom in two of the states that are free-education states. Do so in your own state. Quit creating and blaming dragons too big for you to slay. For shame.

I didn't say you couldn't

I didn't say you couldn't home school your child. I said that you must educate them, and I really don't believe you that in those states you can just be like "I'm teaching my kids" and leave it at that. There is no federal department for education?

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Same in France.

Same in France.

Mandatory registration (and attendance) in the state's public education system until age 16. Or, homeschooling is possible but families still must submit regularly to the "academic inspection" administration, its oversight procedures, and its public inspectors. Or else... fines or prison. Game over.


Public education programmes are centrally defined by each government administrations (more or less always the same... arguably with a good deal of "bias" as some who don't buy easily in state propaganda may find).

At the origin of it:


You don't really own your kids' brains input till their age 16 over there.

The state does.

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Isn't there an EU country

Isn't there an EU country that would allow them to homeschool? If they are Germans, they should be able to legally live and work anywhere in the EU.

Drain the swamp!

Obama has both an illegal

Obama has both an illegal immigrant uncle and an illegal immigrant aunt who never get deported. Obama has issued an executive order detailing a long list of categories of illegal immigrants who should not be deported. He is eager for "comprehensive immigration reform" that will give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

We finally find a family, granted refugee status in 2010 by judge, that Obama wants to deport.

I'm glad they

made 100,000. I almost created a whitehouse account



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Thanks. Only 5 minutes, but makes a great point.


Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html