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STOP The Common Core

This affects many states and is already implemented. There is effort to reverse this course, please contact your representatives to OPPOSE Common Core.


Pennsylvanians Against Common Core - please share via Facebook and visit to sign the petition:


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Every state needs to get involved. Call ALL of your representatives and tell them to reverse this course.

Liberty is dead when you fail to act.

Josie The Outlaw http://www.josietheoutlaw.com/

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I am a high school math teacher. The curriculum change that happened in my state before Common Core was in one general direction in terms of the content: Less geometry, more statistics.

I can see one reason to do this is to dumb down the curriculum. Less geometry specially in logical proofs, two column proofs, really makes it a lot easier to pass.

When I taught geometry, it was the hardest subject for my 10th graders.

Statistics, on the other hand, (watered down simplified version) is much easier for my students. On top of that, statistic topics are broken up and taught through out the 4 years of high school. So I don't think it will benefit students at all.

But can anyone help me explain why they want to remove geometry and proofs from the curriculum?

It is definitely NOT what Asian countries are doing in their math curriculum.

But why geometry?

Homeschool -- and help me

Homeschool -- and help me create a global "registry" of employers and entrepreneurs who say "yes" to those who have not been indoctrinated by 4 more years of government institutions.

Lots of good data at this website


The above video is linked there, but also several really good ones. Take an hour out of your day or weekend and watch the one title "Common Core State Standards - An Introduction To Marxism 101." It is eye opening!

Do WHATEVER YOU CAN to fight this. Common Core is the nail in the coffin for our educational system, and all states "accepted" the standards before they were finalized. Sounds brilliant huh?

Contact your legislators, school board members, s(t)uperintendent of public instruction, and let your voice be heard. We have to stop Common Core!

The data collection piece is

The data collection piece is one of the scariest parts of this. Few parents understand the enormous volume of data on their children that are being collected into state DOE computer databases. Not just test scores are being collected. Grades, discipline records, class schedules, attendance records etc... are being sent from local school divisions to state DOEs. The states will have complete computerized histories of every child taught in public schools. The Feds, of course, will eventually get their hands on this.

Imagine - future political candidates will have to defend their grade school discipline histories, or their record of class cutting in high school.

People participating in public education need to ask; Why is this data needed at the state level? Who will have access to this data? How will privacy be protected?

Home or private school, people!

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Federally-controlled education & K-12 profiling

It's %%$^&*# technology! (And yeah, Bill Gates is involved in this misguided endeavor.) We ALREADY KNOW how academic achievement correlates with demographics, statistically - as if it would take more than common sense to know that children in low-income HH's, single-parent HH's, or divorced HH's wouldn't tend to fare as well as their peers in more fortunate circumstances.

And what good has it done?! Aside from that fact that mathematicians tell you that "correlations" don't prove "cause and effect," bottom line, for all the studies that have been done, public school education still stinks.

But EVEN IF we gave them the benefit of the doubt as to the motive here, that now we can *really* fine-tune the correlations by having every one of 50,000,000 public school students filling in the SAME U.S.Gov't questionnaire each year - well, half of the questionnaire, with their teachers or guidance counselors filling in additional information about THAT student... the information is none of the state or federal government's business.

TO BEGIN WITH it's none of their business. And you're right. Each year when the data is collected, MANY people will access to it - within the government and outside the government. Privacy will NOT be protected. Indeed, it's ADMITTED that the information WILL be shared with "relevant" PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS AND CORPORATIONS. Oh, don't worry. They'll be "education-related!"

And, stored forever in government computer files, all that personal data for YOUR CHILD will be TRACKED from year to year - a "longitudinal study." Within ONE GENERATION, the government will have a K-12 PROFILE on EVERY ADULT IN THE COUNTRY.

Bear in mind, too, that - given nationalized healthcare and medical histories also stored in the government's files - the mere entry of a social security number should be able to pull up a rather comprehensive profile.

Thank you, Freedom's Remnant, for highlighting this particular alarming aspect of the program.

And, yes, "home or private school, people!" But how long do you think those children will be exempted? If and when the federal government tells the states that they won't get their candy unless they make ALL children take the tests and fill in the questionnaires, the states *will* make it a requirement

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

They are going the backdoor

They are going the backdoor route to hinder home and private schools. They are adjusting the SAT tests to get into colleges to coincide with CC. In other words, students can't pass it without CC indoctrination and canned answers to the tests.

Re common core standardized tests,

while this unfortunately might not apply to discipline-specific SAT II's, the standard SAT shows *math and literacy* aptitude. From what I've read so far about common core standards, I'm quite sure that private- or home-schooled students would have to do as well, if not better, than students in public schools - with or without taking a couple practice exams in the back of some "Barron's" core standards review book. I wouldn't be worried about that. For the reasons you said, I guess it could make a difference on SAT II's, especially in World History and American History. (Private and home-schooled students might not reflect the proper NWO outlook on history and current events.)

But it does appear that the common core standards DUMB DOWN curriculum. So it's just as possible that students would do better all around. In which case, you can be sure there would be pressure on states from the federal government to make it more difficult for parents to choose those routes! That's what I'd be most concerned about.

Regardless of the artificial construct of a standardized test and how alternatively-educated children might fare, I feel that, as a parent, you need to educate your children according to the values, skills, and capacities that YOU feel are important, and let the chips fall where they may. Period, the end.

The flak I took from family and friends in sending my children to private so-called "alternative" elementary schools with a rich curriculum (also incorporating the arts), but no tests or grades. I did *not* know how they'd fare in secondary school vs. peers who'd been tested from Day One. In kindergarten, my children were still hearing fairy tales and spending much of the day outside playing when public school children were at desks learning to write and do arithmetic. In elementary grades, when afternoons public school children were doing hours of homework, mine were practicing their instruments (required), playing outside, or reading library books of their choice. I shared the philosophy of Waldorf education, and that's what mattered to me. With no regrets. Each parent has to make that decision for himself. My advice: go with your heart. :)

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

We can stop Common Core

from affecting our own descendents by not enrolling, or unenrolling our children from the state schools. Enough of us do that, and that's the end of the state schools, common core or no common core.

Centrally-planned education to go along with

a centralized government and centrally-planned economy. Liberals brought us the failed education system we have today. Now progressives want to dumb it down some and, under federal control, create the citizens and workers of tomorrow in their image.

I'd be the first to say America needs drastic change in education. But THIS IS NOT IT.

~ Watch the video. For some reason Pt 5 is separated from the rest. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjJFjNx6jOI

~Visit these "stop the common core" websites:

~ See DP post, "Florida dad decries fourth grade lesson: I'll give up rights for security" and my comment/links re COMMON CORE STANDARDS:

Thank you for the post, ProudAmericanFirst

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

All but 5 states are fully

All but 5 states are fully adopting this national curriculum for math and English (the other subjects to come later).

Alaska, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia are the holdouts. Minnesota has adopted only the English standards.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

Read my artice.

I researched Common Core last week. It is a stealth Federal education takeover, supported by both Dems and the Bush Reps, along with Bill Gates.

Here's my breakdown: