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Ben Swann Reality Check: Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand?

Could it be that the FBI knows more about this attack than they are letting on? Could they have known about the attack before hand?

Ben is looking back at some recent history in order to look forward in a Reality Check you won't see anywhere else.



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omg he didnt !

did he just put his hand in the tiger's mouth !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

He has no fear.

I'd love to see him with a national show with the Judge.

Wow, Ben's created a

Wow, Ben's created a question-based story out of two facts.

One, a coach who reported seeing drug sniffing dogs with no information on whether this is routine for the most famous marathon in the U.S. I've read elsewhere that this is common practice, but I don't know, and it appears Ben didn't both to find out. If he'd bothered he would have either reported that the coaches' observations were actually important because this was the first time drug dogs had been sniffing at the B.M. or he wouldn't have used this source.

Two, an "under-reported" story that was "extensively reported" in the NY Time...um the newspaper of record in the U.S., that details U.S. involvement in bungled undercover work with would-be terrorists. That's like saying because you burned a pie once, you must be responsible for all burned pies from here on out.

Looks to me like Ben is hosing the doo-doo of good reporting off his shoes as he marches straight into conspiracy theory land. Another one bites the dust.

Right, our government would

Right, our government would NEVER mislead us.

Exactly. The folks we elect

Exactly. The folks we elect to form our government are just people and many/most? of them will mislead us when it serves their needs. So will journalists, and wives and husbands and best friends and bosses and you and me...and everyone.

The story of social interaction. You're so right to point this out. We have to be discerning.

Ben didn't pass here. Whether the point of his report ends up holding any water is still up in the air, but his two pieces of evidence certainly to do carry water.

You are so right that discernment is a personal responsibility and that we should approach information with a credulous mindset. I hope that Ben will provide more cogent reporting in the future.

double post

double post

I really want to know what

the rest of the Fox 19 News episode is like. Like how do you switch over to Sports or Weather after a segment like 'Reality Check?!'

Anyways, gotta love Ben Swann, always keeping it real!

that was my first thought as well

In fact I had a conversation with a friend about this immediately after it happened. I wonder if we will ever find out. So how do we get our policies changed? What does will it take? Does anyone think it is possible. This stuff had been going on for years....decades and probably longer.

SteveMT's picture

What a great piece of journalism.

By sticking to the facts, Ben asks some very fundamental questions about the extent of government sponsored tyranny.

comment 1360

I am ... speechless

Ben : get with Republic Broadcasting .org


I've been sharing this vid as more people need to know about Ben Swann and his work.

Jury Nullification is a power of the last resort against tyranny.

This boy

Has got a sack full or steel no doubt. His presentation is perfect too. Sharing.

it was balls like these

... what built this nation and it's no different now

Gutsy and thought provoking as always.

Keep it coming, Ben.

This man is courageous

I say he's a patriot.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison