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Why The Right To Travel Is Important

I had drafted a letter for the Senator to sign. ~ Read Below

If I get in my car and travel to the store for a loaf of bread, I have made no profit getting the bread and I'm doing something every living being needs to do to survive.

The right to travel is connected to the right to exist. The right to exist is what fundementally is not talked about enough IMHO. It could be very useful in the current "gun control" craziness, which I fully support. I believe every government employee's 2nd amendment should be waived while they are on duty. "License to kill" means more likely to kill and so those people definitely shouldn't be armed... we should include it in their oath of office.

...but I digress. I'm getting off the topic.

If I am using the roads for private gain as a place of business, either as a delivery/cab driver or a moving business, it is logical to require of me a certain portion of my profits to be re-funded back into the road to maintain the quality of my business which is in many ways dependent on the quality of the road.

To my current knowledge the DMV or DOT in whatever state, which is a private corporation, manages this task. They have a monopoly to issue licenses to "drive" (a mis-nomer, this drive/travel thing - it's more the PROFIT thing than the word thing). A monopoly in this department is convenient because you don't want to have to have a license to drive on the roads of a thousand individual private companies.

So I'm okay with that part of the DMV, Government and Regulatory coercion. Here's where it becomes TYRANNICAL:

When I am taxed for using the general form of transportation in existence (a car) to drive/travel/go to the store to pick up a loaf of bread so that I can continue existing myself!


"The Right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by horse drawn carriage or by automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city can prohibit or permit at will, but a common Right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." ~ Thompson vs. Smith, 154 SE 579

I know the above is not a supreme court cite - and I'm only giving you court precedents simply because most people seem to need a court to confirm for them what the law is... but the point is clear in every cite that the CONDITION is PROFIT and not "privileged to use the road."

CAUTION: Always refer case cites back to the original court texts!

Simply put: If you do not use the roads for profit then you should not be required to pay for them. If you are operating in a COMMERCIAL capacity for-profit however then by all means your activity should be regulated on a very basic level by some entity which is RESPONSIBLE ultimately to the people. (Yes I know that's a quite UTOPIC thought in nature.)

The reason I'm posting this is because I recently had what I THOUGHT was a breakthru conversation a while back with a member of government on this or any other "sovereign" (not "sovereign citizen") issue. The point is that in THIS country WE the people ARE unique in the world. Most people don't even know why... because we have "FREEDOM?"

NO -> Because we are the TOP of the food chain in LAW in this country. In this country we have public servants. In all other countries they have AUTHORITIES. These NWO proponents want to change that. They want the entire world as their subject and every thing/being in it.

That member of government I had a long conversation with is Travis and after actually busting into the biggest stress-relieving cry I've had in a while... simply because I THOUGHT "government" was finally LISTENING and that some traction might be had on an issue... on any SOVEREIGN issue... he has been unresponsive thus far and I did expect a response back from him as well as I've sent him three emails already.

I had drafted a letter for the Senator to sign. Senator Ron Johnson (not a BAR MEMBER/ATTORNEY who profits off traffic courts) I was told would at least be able to view the document and give me an up or down. It was quite the shocking coversation... I have to admit... that I would get that far.

The point is Travis admitted they had researched these but that nobody had come forward to articulate it to them who feels this way. The reason is, I told him... is because "Brother with all this demonization by the SPLC, Janet Nazitano and Obummer simply because we are critics of bad policy - they want to create an atmosphere where we are SHOT ON SIGHT... where we never get a chance to TALK! So you'll have to forgive us when we see so much evidence of collusion that we're SCARED to DEATH of government. We're all cowering in corners somewhere wondering when the government is going to come and kill us!

...at the very least there is simply the constant fear that "government" would come and kidnap us and drug us up because we believe the government wants to kill us!

This current government does not function properly with a well educated process so we need to do one of two things:

Become f*cking idiots again...

Or change the government.

Pardon my french, but "traffic court" and "driver licensing" is a MASSIVE multi-billion dollar HIDDEN tax on the people which is completely voluntary yet you are threatened that if you don't pay... you'll be harmed.

We need to unplug this machine... every tentacle. I may revise this post but I think for now I'll leave my drafted remarks. If you would like to see the letter I drafted for the senator comment below. If I see enough desire to have it posted I will post it up. This is also Travis's notice that the emails MAY be published between him and I should he not respond with any objection.

I'm simply sick of getting the run around by lip-servicers who commit the fraud of making people think they are there to help them every day. If you would like to contact the Senator you can do so via his Milwaukee (Wisconsin) office, feel free to mention this post.

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We have a history of nomadic living.

If we get hit by a big asteroid, have a big volcano blow, or if the sun's magnetics are failing, etc, there will be massive, global changes. Humanity coped with these changes in the past by moving. That "snowbird" thing the retirees around here do - that used to be how life was for humans. We went where the weather was best - more food available.
The right to travel is as basic as the right to survive.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thanks for the downvote

I hope you at least read the post (sarcasm of course you did not).

The cops in Ada County, Idaho

told my daughter in law that we "waived" the right to travel when we signed for our driver's license... Irony. (If you ever visit Idaho, avoid driving in Boise.)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Tell him to show you the contract where your right to travel

was waived. That would be an interesting lawsuit to pull him into court and have this "law enforcer" testify on the witness stand as to his knowledge of the law (the constitution is the supreme law of the land).