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Before and after photo of suspected bomb plus suspect?

I would like to see an un-blurred aftermath photo as this one shows through the blur something that is the same color of the bag. Can anyone find the original?

Also, in the pre-bomb photo, look to the right of the mailbox in the sidewalk you see a guy in a black jacket with a black duffle over his shoulder. Suspect?


He would be walking towards the area the first bomb went off. Lone bomber carrying a black duffle and a shopping bag?

Other things to look at in that photo.


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If you look

to the far right on the pre explosion you will see a black backpack right on the curb in front of a young boy and girl an probably their mother. I wonder if this is the dead boy and his sister and mom who were also injured.

I believe that's a mailbox,

I believe that's a mailbox, not a trash can...and from the after photo, it appears the barricade segment is bent almost 90 degrees outwards (towards the street) wrapping itself around the mailbox---to me, this indicates the device was detonated on the inside/sidewalk side of the barricade.

Trash Can

What I find most interesting is the trash can itself. It appears to be fully in-tact without any damage.

I would think, if the white bag were the explosive device the trash can would be mangled. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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My thought is

the shopping bag is still there. If you look to the far right there is a black backpack sitting at the bottom of the barricade right in front of a young.

I'd want to see who looks weighted down

or who looks like their backpack is outfitted for the weight. The problem with the latter is there was a lot of military running in the race who purposely took a 40-lb pack and they would have strategized very thoroughly to distribute that weight so you have to expect to see those examples around.

The one in that photo sure does look like it could hold a pressure cooker.

There's a lot of talk of black nylon, perhaps there was shredded nylon in wounds? But then again burnt nylon probably would be black.

I do think photos will solve this. It's a finish line that had people crossing for a long time right before this, lots of photos had to be taken.

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Something odd ...

... first off, I don't see anyone "running away" in the 2nd photo. People are crouching down, looking for cover, and helping others. Nobody is running away from the scene.

But the bigger thing that jumps out is how many people there are before and how few after, which appears to be within seconds of the blast.

There were two blasts. I've heard reports that 3 people died and as many as 200 were injured. At least 190+ of those 200 must have been at the other blast site, because here there are maybe 5-10 people who could have injuries.

Did the other site have all the people?

The before photo showing the bag by the trash can was taken

2 hours before the blast.

I don't understand why we haven't seen something taken more recently than that at such a heavily photographed event, though. I'm sure something will turn up.

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