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'Trotskyite' Ted Cruz adds amendment to Gun Bill

I'm on Cruz's newsletter no more. Comrade Cruz has revealed his true intentions as a full fledged statist. His amendment calls for funds to install surveillance equipment in schools, bribe states to submit data to Federal NICS database, and a load of other outrageous expenditures that won't solve a damn thing while expanding Federal power.

Cruz/Grasserly press release:

PDF of amendments and bill:

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I don't see anything about

I don't see anything about surveillance of schools, nor do I see anything about bribing states to participate in anything. NICS already exists, and FFLs already use it.

These questionable practices deserve more than a shrug

Not saying there shouldn't be any surveillance at schools, only that it should be a local decision, not funded at the federal level. Ted Cruz is a tax/borrow and waster, spending money where money need not and should not be spent.

Time to repeal that sinister schools act from 1968, not add extra provisions.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

It can still be controlled at the local level

It just makes it harder because local government LOVES pork, and if this is funded (because they have tons of survailence equipment to distribute anyways), then it can be piggybacked onto other funds. This is where centr5al committees can make a difference locally, school by school, and since most schools have a neighborhood watch of some type, I would think reaching out to neighborwatch groups and getting them to reject the cameras would be a great start.. maybe the tea parties would help.. but it's still dissappointing to see this kind of amendment from someone who wants our vote (Was there a dinner with Bernake and Crus I missed?).

I didn't see anything about

I didn't see anything about that stuff either. Of course, I guess it's too much to ask people to actually read the bills to see what's inside (similar to our elected representatives never reading the bills).

Ulfilas, I know you want to impress

our folks with 'Trotskyite' label implying all GOPs are neo-cons and all neo-cons are former converted democrats and all former converted democrats read Trotsky and those who read Trotsky must be Zionists or statists (even though communism's long-term goal is abolishion of state.)

Keep in mind that our folks are very sensitive. They get excited easily. If instead of Cruz it were Hagel or Amash, you might have even gotten thumb downs.

The skunk

Showes his stripes.


SteveMT's picture

This part below reads like a novel from a George Orwell wannabe.

Ted Cruz, Constitutional lawyer, just got lowered into the Marco Rubio category of politician.
Section 2701 of title I of the Omnibus Crime Control
and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 3797a) is amended

(1) in subsection (b)—
(A) in paragraph (1)—
(i) by striking ‘‘Placement’’ and inserting ‘‘Installation’’; and
(ii) by inserting ‘‘surveillance equipment,’’ after ‘‘detectors,’’;

C) by inserting after paragraph (4) the following:
‘‘(5) Establishment of hotlines or tiplines for
the reporting of potentially dangerous students and
situations.’’; and by adding at the end the following:

‘‘(1) E
ESTABLISHMENT —Not later than 60 days after the date of enactment of the School Safety Enhancements Act of 2013, the Director and the
Secretary of Education, or the designee of the Secretary, shall establish an interagency task force to develop and promulgate a set of advisory school safety guidelines.

Both my middle school and

Both my middle school and high school had surveillence cameras in and around them. Unless someone is cruisading for their removal, I would almost consider this a non-issue. Other public buildings have surveillance as well. We certainly dont need more cameras everywhere though.
The one thing I have problems with is the fact that you can be almost certain that stuff will be misused. Cameras in public everywhere? Great, except that current human nature fucks this idea up to where we dont want it.

Perhaps the cameras should be live streamed across the net. Since they are in a public place, the public should be able to use them.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Maybe it works for your schools, damn well does NOT for mine

No cameras at either my school (though 1985) nor at my daughter's elementary today. And now they are installing for the first time a video intercom to replace the voice intercom at our door. If they also try to put in surveillance cams in or around the school beyond video at the main door, I will protest.

Cameras don't necessarily need to be eradicated from your school--but they are plague that I don't want spreading to my community.

No guards, no cameras, merely observant (and sometimes armed) staff and parents, that's what we need.

I do agree with your suggestion that all government cameras are public property and thus should be viewable by the public. Certainly by parents who have kids in the school.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

What can be accomplished

What can be accomplished first: (1) Shut down all public schools and make them all private, or (2) Armed guards and security cameras all 'round...

Which is more realistic?

I'd much rather all schools went private and (at their option) had armed security, but... in what world will this ever happen? Parents don't really want to have to think about where their kids go or what they do while they toil away in the salt mines trying to make a days wages.

Should be decided at the LOCAL level

This is a ludicrous false dichotomy of shuttering public schools or adding surveillance or guards. We can do nothing, or let faculty and staff carry, or whatever best suits each individual school according to the needs and the preferences of parents and elected school boards.

The best thing to do is NOTHING, and it's an outrage that a pseudo-tea-partyist is proposing anti-libertarian laws. I don't know what we "should" do, but I know for god damned sure what we "should not" do, and that is we should not spend one more federal dollar on schools, that we should not dictate to schools at all and either a libertarian or a true conservative senator would propose a REPEAL of the evil SAFE (Surveilled And Firearm-Eradicated) Act.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Are you misinterpreting my

Are you misinterpreting my comment? I proposed nothing. I was musing about what may "realistically" happen next. Parents refuse to be 100% responsible for their children's education. They are more than happy to turn the kids over to complete strangers to be taught who-knows-what. Forget for a moment that your view and my view represents a very small percentage of voters. Projecting into the near future, what is LIKELY to happen?

I'll trade both of my CT senators

for one Ted Cruz & I'll be getting one hell of a deal.

Pull that trigger

I swear sometimes people are just waiting for an excuse to make senators look bad.

Ted Cruz is one of the best senators in Washington, and though I don't like the sound of this amendment, we would all be better off with 98 more senators like him.

Go ahead, blast me for my opinion, down vote me to the 3rd level of Dante's Inferno, but if you're "done" with Ted Cruz over this then I don't know if you'd ever be happy with anyone.

*the previous rant has been in the spirit of liberty and love, and is not intended to be an attack or indictment on any particular person :) (I'm just sick of people in our movement expecting 100% of the time for reps to do what we think they should do, and the second they do anything to the contrary they've become a 'statist' and a traitor)

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I tried to warn

people about that trader, but people would rather shoot the messenger.

The other choice

Believe me Texas is much better off with Cruz instead of David Dewhurst!

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embrace the cause, not the

embrace the cause, not the man.....say thankyou for the help, but hold your trust, until hes proved his cause