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The point of terrorism: Credit

Isn't the point of committing a terrorist act to take credit for it? I.e., you are trying to make a point, rile behavior, force the authority to do something, draw attention to your plight, beg the army to attack you locally, have the kills associated with your group etc.,

Does anybody notice this missing in the Boston bombing? Or does it means that it was either just to scare people? Or does that mean it's a psychopath and not a political or religious or hate group?

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On your questions...

Generaly, yes. If no one knows it was you what done it, you don't get points.

Yes, still waiting for someone to claim credit. I feel strongly that EVERYONE taking credit for such an act should be honored with a public execution, irrespective of actual guilt. Of course, numerous spurious "confessions" should in no way impede an objective investigation. The proposed executions are intended to be more hygienic than purgative.

Don't understand your last question. Are you suggesting that there are substantive differences in "hate", "religious", or "political" groups who employ "shock and awe" to achieve their ends?

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No, I don't think so

No, I don't think I meant substantive differences between hate, religious, or political groups. I just meant, categorically, any organized group who would rationally plan an act like this in order to achieve a specific benefit. I would include the government in this list (at the top, probably).

The only group who just wanted the death/fear and no credit would be the government or a psycho it seems. Unless somebody just hates people cheering on marathon runners or something.

Even the possible 'monster' who just wanted to see people die (e.g., allegedly Columbine kids, bat man shooter, et al) I guess would have a specific motivation. They typically want to take credit too it seems.

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