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10 random bits of advice from a domestic

Goddess. OK, I confess, I'm a domestic terra-ist, too - I love to garden.
Enough distraction - the blood, the guts, the inconsistencies and conspiracy theories.... I am going to try to give you some useful information today. Totally random fishy tidbits:
1. You can freeze peaches whole, and then when you want to make something with "fresh peaches" you can wash the skin off under hot water. I did the boiling water / ice water dip for years, until a little old lady at a local orchard taught me that trick. It also works for tomatoes. I load up on Roma's in the fall, freeze them whole then slow cook them to make fresh marinara, after I use hot water to wash their skins off - YUMMY!
2. Putting a tablespoon of Epsom salts in the hole where you plant a tomato will give you happier, healthier tomato plants.
3. Using silver to dip sour cream or yogurt keeps them from growing mold so fast.
4. A lot of "preppers" talk about beans, but coffee beans are an awesome investment. I can buy bulk quantities of ORGANIC green coffee beans, and if stored properly they will keep for decades. I have fresh roasted organic coffee every day for about the price of Folgers. If things ever fall apart, I'll bet my coffee beans are as good as currency...
5. Honey and cacao also keep nearly forever.
6. You can make REALLY good yogurt in a crockpot, it is not hard at all.
7. Apple cider vinegar (just a splash) in your animals' water does all the wonderful things for them that it does for you.
8. Using a layer of cardboard covered with 6" - 8" of mulch will kill almost any weed patch. I killed of a grove of goathead's - Satan's own weed - using this trick. You choke out all the light, and set up an environment where beneficial mycelium can thrive.
9.Allrecipes.com has an "ingredients" tab. The day before grocery shopping, this tab is a lifesaver. Type in the type of recipe you want, list what ingredients you have, it will find you a recipe.
10. OK, this one I saved for last, it is my newest trick. I learned to bake at my mother's knee, and I am pretty damn good at it. Then I tried to switch to whole grains... I can bake you a really fine brick now... Well, an awesome DPer gave me a cookbook with a tip in it and I tried it - I made a loaf of light, soft, delicious WHOLE WHEAT bread - no white flour, no gluten added. The book says it works for any grain.... Fermented dairy products. Whatever liquid the recipe calls for, use buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream for at least part of it. Mix it with just the flour and let that sit for at least 12 hours. Then knead in your yeast, sugar, fat and salt and do a 2 step rise and bake.

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Red Lines

There is no line thru a faded name.

Does that mean that more that just O'Bomber and his administration of Baby Boom Bismarks have learned that ultimatums sometimes unnecessarily escalates the conflict ? Peace saves face.

Is Fishy unbanished ?

How refreshing

One of Fishy's many "list" articles. I've learned so much from this woman.

Bump! ;)

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Great info!

Many thanks for resurrecting this post! I missed it first time around. What a treasure trove of ideas and info..................Darn, I miss Fishy.


I miss Fishy too!

She has an inquiring mind and can teach us so much!

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the info is great but can easily be found

browsing through numerous sites / blogs about homesteading.

You should get out more. :-)

I'm sure you don't mean to

I'm sure you don't mean to downplay Fishy's input. It's a lot of information, would take a lot of time on the Internet to find it all. She personally has vetted most of it which means a lot to me. I'm not lazy but live on a farm now with the worst Internet connection possible as my only option. To get this info would take days just waiting for every page to load. So I do appreciate people taking the time to compile information I can use.

Nah, you're right, don't get out much anymore. Once you've seen practically the whole world including going round the horn in a Gale, content to be at 'home'. The homesteading, ranching, getting back to nature or just being interested in making the smallest footprint on the earth environmentally, is a new endeavor I'm enjoying immensely!

If you have a site you could recommend, would appreciate it. I have a lot to learn. Thanks for responding. :-)



I'm so happy

to see a post with your name on it!

Edit: OMgoodness this is from last April. I miss fishy.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Summertime! Fishy is probably busy in her garden

and taking care of the produce as it ripens. There is so much good advice in this post, I thought it should be up for a second look, and then others can add some advice of their own.

Peaches are ripening---I'm going to try Fishyculture's advice

And try freezing them! For the first time in years we are having a warm enough summer to grow a good garden. How about you?!

Tomatoes all getting ripe at same time.

It is a good idea about the peaches! How bout freezing the tomatoes? That's a biggie for me! AND....the sour cream in freshly ground organic wheat so bread isn't a brick loaf! Going to scan, paste and print so I don't lose this one!
Miss Fishy, don't you?


Here is a tip I'd like to

Here is a tip I'd like to add. If you pot plants put in several chunks of wood surrounded by the soil like thicker pieces of trimmed branches cut them to fit. They should take up about a 3rd to half the space also cover the surface with straw or mulch. This will cut down how often you have to water them as the wood acts like a sponge holding the water and as it breaks down provides nutrients for the plants and the mulch keeps the water from evaporating. This also works on a larger scale in the garden as raised beds and even in field crops it's called hugelkultur. I just adopted to potted plants. You can look it up for more info.

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Bookmarked Fishy

Thanks ;-)

fabulous list

I have proof this one works like magic
7. Apple cider vinegar (just a splash) in your animals' water does all the wonderful things for them that it does for you.

my GF's 12yr old dog was having arthritis symptoms-a visit to the vet-he recommended some $90.00 month pills. I suggested putting 1 tsp of Bragg's in Lucky's water bowl for 2 weeks and call me back. She called back in about a week and was tickled to death. The dog was running up and down the steps again and jumped up on her chair. That was about 4 yrs ago and Lucky is still doing fine.

Fresh ground whole wheat makes the BEST bread!

I used to have a stone mill and now I use an attachment on my Kitchenaid mixer.
My son gave me a Honey Whole Wheat bread recipe that works well in the bread maker. I had developed a wonderful whole wheat bread recipe that I used for years--but for some reason I couldn't get it "right" to use in a bread maker.
My daughter makes a Cheesy bread in the bread maker using sour cream, and we have used greek yogurt instead. You are right--the fermented dairy does work well!
I also have a "killer" Sourdough Biscuit recipe for those of you who do Sourdough. The consistency is more like rolls than biscuits, and it has no shortening in it, but you dip the biscuits in melted butter before baking.

Gonna try #10 next time I make bread

I always use buttermilk when baking biscuits, but never thought to try it with bread.

I prefer Adam Smith's wisdom

Separation of labor (specialization and high productivity work on the market) will bring you the most wealth. Self-sustaining manual farming and gardening, if it takes most of your time, will only make you poor.

But if SHTF they'll be

But if SHTF they'll be rich!!!

Bump for great advice!

Bump for great advice!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

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Great Post Fishy

Thanks for the epsom salt tip, I wonder if that would work with other things also? Your coffee beans very well could be as good as currency someday. I have made crockpot yogurt before but it did not turn out very well. I'll probably give it another try sometime soon though.

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i use epsom salt on all my plants

walk and sprinkle among the plants
the phosphorus is what does it,and is a needed
mineral for them
used coffee grounds on blueberries makes a sweeter berry
just an FYI moment

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Honey will grow botulus

Honey will grow botulus on top. This can be scooped off and the honey resterilized with heat.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

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if honey has been used on open wounds

for cleansing,and has healing properties attached to it,how does it grow botulus?
Isn't that kind of like saying that burn cream causes burns?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Pretty simple

it generally takes years for honey to get to the state i describe. And when heated as described it's not raw honey anymore which I'd just take a guess and say that's maybe what you want on a would, for it's enzymatic properties.

Fishy's point about it lasting cause of sugar content is pretty close, the salient point is water is entrained in sugar crystals (which bacteria loves) but it can't readily access the water it needs to thrive.

Most of the microscopic nasty stuff that makes us sick is pretty much OMNIPRESENT in our environment, it's pretty much around all the time, getting ingested by various means but until it really colonizes and concentrates our bodies just deal with it.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Hmmm - I think you're both right.

And I'll bet the answer is a silver spoon.
I'll bet you can contaminate the top of the honey with aerobic bacteria, but only the top. I'll also bet if you used silver it would not happen, for the same reason it does not inoculate dairy products with bacteria - silver is antibacterial, there are no bacteria on it to transfer.

Edit: Just found this:
"Some samples of honey have been reported to contain relatively high numbers of spores of C. botulinum. C. botulinum cannot multiply in honey because of the high sugar content. There is evidence that if bees are diseased, for example affected by foulbrood, C. botulinum can multiply in dead bees and this can result in high number of C. botulinum spores in the honey."

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

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I do know about silver

and what it can do,I make my own colloidal silver
and am glad you commented
your comment about the rusty nails made me think a bit more
so here's a question or many
why could i not put a few silver and copper coins into my aquarium
seeing silver won't hurt,and people lack copper in their diets?

and could some vitamins and minerals be added? or would it hurt the system and the fish?
also,i bought a bag of rock dust,if it is pure could i also use that?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Total dissolved solids will mess upyour little biosphere.

Understand my husband is the real brains of the AP stuff, but I'll do my best.
Tilapia are gill feeders, you WANT the algae to grow in their tank, so no copper or silver for them. Other fish... I am not sure you would not screw up the nitrite / nitrate conversion - it is a bacteria that makes the conversion, so my instinct is no copper or silver in the system at all.
Vitamins and minerals or rock dust will all add to the TDS, and that affects the pH, so you may find you "fix"something that was not broke and then break something that wasn't. If you see evidence of imbalance in the system, a temporary addition of something corrective makes sense, but in the long run you want to fix the imbalance. Most issues respond to tweaking the system - more oxygen in the water, warmer or cooler water, more grow beds or more fish.
If you really want to add minerals, I would consider something like "Redmond minerals" - the stuff that I feed my cows sounds kinda tasty... lol! OK, sounds healthy, not tasty. Anyway, I'd sprinkle a bit of it in the first grow bed out of the system, so it gets time to be absorbed by as many plants as possible before returning to the fish tank, but I'd watch the pH like a hawk.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Tell me more...

About how to make that yogurt.

Here's the way I do it:


I use raw milk, keep the last of one batch to start the next.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.