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Background Check Idea

I understand a lot of people here are against background checks but I thought of an idea (not sure if this has been brought up before) that might appease people on both sides.

Essentially, this is the way I see it. One side does not want criminals, mentally unstable people, etc to have access to a gun and therefore, they want everybody to get a background check. The other side is against background checks for various reasons, one being that it could potentially lead to a registry of some sort and possibly one day confiscation.

What if as a compromise, a system that is set up by each state similar to a drivers license. You go through your background check say once every 5 years and you get a "gun license." Then when you go to buy a gun you show your gun license and buy the gun without any waiting period or further background check. This solves both issues, one side gets the background check and the other side does not have to worry about the gov't knowing how many guns or what type they own. Now, I understand setting up further bureaucratic systems wouldn't be ideal, but it could be done at the state level and not the federal level.

I haven't really thought this through completely, but any thoughts?

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Licences are for privileges, not rights

If these dangerous criminals and mentally unstable people can be identified, why are they walking around among us instead of being incarcerated or treated? If they cannot be identified, then a background check serves no legitimate purpose.

Sure, there would be a cost to incarcerate the dangerous criminals and treat the mentally unbalanced, but eliminating the resources wasted on so-called "victimless" crimes and policing the world should more than take care of that extra expense.