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Hagel deploys troops to Jordan

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has ordered 200 troops to Jordan.


It has been suggested that an action like this could be related to the release of a bi-partisan report Tuesday, concluding that both Presidents Bush, Jr. and Obama are guilty of war crimes. Would they do this to keep themselves out of jail?

U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Nonpartisan Review Concludes

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It could have something to do with this...


World Bank $70 million loan for SMEs in Jordan

The World Bank is to offer a low interest, long-term $70 million loan to Jordan to help finance micro-projects and SME's.

Jordan Times reports the deal was signed 16 April by Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Jafar Hassan and Ferid Belhaj, the World Bank's country director for Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran and Iraq.

The Amman-based daily said the 30-year loan has a five year grace period with an interest rate of 1.45 per cent. The funds will be administered by the Central Bank of Jordan and distributed via the country’s commercial banks.

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That's about a million troops circle jerking in the Mid East?

Support our troops? Send them jock straps.

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Since when

can Hagel send troops anywhere? Where is congress? While they're busy taking our rights away, they fail to perform their constitutional function as Senators and Congress people.

Also Hagel gets his orders

Also Hagel gets his orders from Obama, but who instructs him on where to send troops, while knowing the military is able and follows their orders. Looks like the administration has unknown masters that give the orders, while the Supremes and congress are 'lost in space'. Media is a neutered entity. The facts of power separation, like our DoI/Constitution-Bill of Rights delineates, can not happen without applying them. Here at DP the clarity of what is missing in this land helps restore those lost liberties, and I am grateful to be hear, to comment and learn.

I guess I really didn't get that question wrong

on my high school test on US government. The Secretary of defense has the power to send troops? AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH this is nothing short of insanity. Americans and congress are either evil or ignorant.

Dumb ASS and a worthless piece of protoplasm.

How do so many stupid people find their way into government service.

I guess because even stupider people give them jobs.

Free includes debt-free!


Is this report bipartisan or nonpartisan? That's what I want to know.

Torture, not torture,

Torture, not torture, whatever one wants to call it, "enhanced interrogation" is not a war crime. And what in the world this has to do with the war in Syria, please oh please, connect those dots for me.

Syrian "rebels"

cross the Syrian border from Iraq, Turkey and Jordan. You can roll your eyes now, again.

This News Item Needed Attention

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There is no duration defined in the Oath

I think

it is to train "rebels" for Syria. Jordanian king might also asked some help for himself, since Jordanian king (ethnic Saudi) does not have much support from his own people (most of those are ethnic "Palestinians" - Beduin Arabs from Egypt and Ottoman empire who settled down in 19th-20th centuries.) With many refugees from Syria, Jordanian king might want to boost his personal security.

Their guns are loaded with

Their guns are loaded with democracy and peace I bet!

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