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"Code Red" declared at Boston Fed Building and hospital (Update)


What now?

UPDATE: Well, well, well.... no one even talking about this, we have more disasters to turn our attention to. Well, here is the explanation from the media. Oddly, it explains very little.... weird....

Please note the evacuation of the hospital is not even admitted. This forum thread has a couple people who claim they saw CNN broadcast about it.

Anybody know anything about this?

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Well might as well be the

Well might as well be the first to throw out the conspiracy angle. It seems to me if we start having attacks and threats all over the country well by golly then we need more DHS TSA and Drones patrolling the towns cities and skies for our protection. We need more random check points to make sure you're not carrying a bomb or something... WE need military patrolling streets or a dad gum terrorist might pop out from under a rock...

Well if they can't provoke us then they will do it themselves... the bastards!

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Thought the same thing, a little slower.

Oddly, I expected to get up this morning and find someone had told me what happened here.... Nope. Instead, Waco.... I don't know, maybe it was a legit accident. But I just got that "Is it on?" thought....
We need another name - bastards have no father, but they have a mother. These creeps were not born, they were hatched, or excreted. Something, but they had no mothers... or fathers. They had no one who ever taught them or showed them how to be human.

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