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"Boston Marathon Bombing is Staged Terror Attack"

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Had to take some Zofran

So I could sit throo Hannity...yech, but I do it for all of YOU.

Hannity, and the rest of FAUX 'news' are following the new trial balloon narrative the FBI is pitching, to the t.

Alex Jones forced the media to abandon the two patsies originally fingered to be the Adam Lanza/James Holmes du jour, and now the MSM have circled the wagons around these two NEW patsies, totally disregarding the plethora of evidenced compiled by Infowars.com to the contrary.

Hannity just sitting there in his make-up looking like he had a stick up his ass, and lapping up all of the spooge dribbling from Mark (the OJ trial evidence planter) Furman's drooling pie-hole.

Well just look at the images Hannity was showing of these two guys, they are walking away from the camera, and there is just NO way that they are carrying PRESSURE COOKER bombs in those back-packs, and no way one of their back packs could be the one shown earlier by the FBI all blown up.

But of course this new narrative has not been debugged, and it too will soon prove that it has no legs either, it is ONLY being floated because the MSM can't let infowars control the dialog.

I have to admit there were a

I have to admit there were a metric ton of security people on hand. Makes you wonder how this could have happened right under their nose.

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

Maybe, they weren't ALL

Maybe, they weren't ALL "security" people who looked the part.

they'll be pushing for

they'll be pushing for security on every corner

As a result, I'll GUARANTEE

As a result, I'll GUARANTEE you that people will become even MORE insecure.

it feeds itself we'll no

it feeds itself

we'll no longer have the honoured title of paranoia, no, that good fortune will pass to those who dished it

hypocrasy at work

terrorism 100% possible
tyrrany - get the fuck out'a'here....

wheres the bloody balance
wheres the common sense 50-50

About that pressure cooker ...

... I just realized that the main evidence being shown in photographs are (a) a torn up/blown up bag, and (b) a mangled pressure cooker lid.

But ...

In the minutes or hours after the incident, it was speculated on none other than CNN that "possibly, we may even find this blast was so strong, that the lid of the pressure cooker might be found on the roof of a building." Sure enough, that is EXACTLY where we are told the lid was found.

So, what we REALLY have are ...

(a) photo of torn/blown up bag, and (b) photo of mangled pressure cooker that was NOT found right at the scene. What is the chain of possession of that lid?

If it was a FF, then that lid could be just like the Saudi passport "found" in NYC on 9/11.

Just thinkin' out loud ...

Their whole MSM Hollywood

Their whole MSM Hollywood script is blown. They're scrambling to make up a new one.

Why would BIG MEDA on literally ALL STATIONS,

including MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, FOXnews, etc. be repeating the same things throughout the afternoon? SOMEbody fed them that information. It HAD to have been an "official". There is NO WAY the Media would have dreamed what was going on up. NO WAY, Sherlock!

They all said first that the authorities had the suspect in custody and about to make an arrest. Then, they recanted the story. Now, they say they have identified someone who put a bag down on the ground near a store. However, how do they explain the "drills" as stated by an Athletic Coach that was there, who witnessed first-hand that "they" were having a "drills".

People better wake up, and I don't mean maybe...

Jumpin the gun

But my gut feeling is he is right , but he definitely doesn't have any proof yet


TROLLS.....go away!

I've been a supporter here for over 5 years now, and I really can't believe some of the comments below castigating Infowars. Knowing Law Enforcement officials, I think I can say that there are a few really important questions here.

Why didn't the bomb-sniffing dogs locate anything?

Why, if the FBI, was concerned about any bomb alert....to the point they brought all their undercover agents out....why didn't they evacuate the location, as they did for the Boston Courthouse...duh!

Why is the FBI hesitating so much on a news conference, and WHO was feeding 100% of the BIG MEDIA outlets the apparent lie about having found the individual and that an arrest was "imminent", to the lie about having him in "custody". This whole thing smells to high heaven.

Infowars NEVER said that the men resembling Navy Seals were guilty. He brings all the video evidential information, though, to all of us & the world.

If that little 8 year old were my boy~~

I'd file a MASSIVE LAWSUIT against the City of Boston for NOT evacuating the location, since they OBVIOUSLY knew something was coming down, or were involved (I hate to say it) in the killings themselves, because of all the Agents out there photographed. I mean, PICTURES DON'T LIE, folks.

This is INEXCUSABLE---and if the FBI, or whoever killed that little boy, well, anybody who was involved, will be headed for the DEEP recesses of HELL, for sure...unless they confess the truth!

Witnesses were all over the place!

Your questions are legitimate

but the OP title read "proof". I am leaning towards a first conclusion that they had advanced warning of a threat and failed to notify the public.

All in All

a pretty damn good day for freedom!!!!


I wouldn't call that proof...try to prove that case in a court "well uh, there were guys wearing backbacks and they had khaki pants on...there were even some dogs running around"...common...this isn't proof...this is conjecture. Enough evidence to look into it more for sure...but proof? No.

Only thing proven so far

is that no level of security in lieu of freedom will keep us safe and that AJ stops looking for the truth once he has his little bits of info to prove his preexisting conclusion.


Mixed w paranoia. AJ is as bad as the msm.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

As if history doesn't back

As if history doesn't back him up...

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

1/100 predictions he gets right

the mayans have a better record

well said


Breaking News!

Breaking News! SERIOUSLY!



Story linked: http://www.infowars.com/boston-bombing-culprits-found/

Old media meets new media.


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

mock all who watch CNN mercilessly

like this :

" ... you do realize you're like one of the last 12 people on Earth who still watch that crap? Stop it !!!"

it's time to put mainstream media down ...


After seeing this and then I am reminded of all the 10th degree asshats on this site that slam AJ .. and even go to the point to say he is controlled opposition ... It just makes me wonder, who the real opposition is

"Breaking News," from FOX:

"Breaking News," from FOX: Law Enforcement CANCELS Press Briefing.

Back to the drawing board, boys.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

no press conference

all day!