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Infowars Article Rocks The Internet, Front Page of Drudge Report



"Mystery Photos Rock The Internet" (in caps) - top of the page, right above Obama's head.


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this on Drudge this morning: a NYP article with the 2 men

being shown as the suspects in photos being circulated by the police. I thought the photos were for "law enforcement eyes only"?


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Tennis balls anyone?

welcome to the digital age. Thank god we have surveillance videos, YES!!!!

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Who still has a pulse.

"According to a report by CBS

"According to a report by CBS News, the man was initially tackled by a bystander while running from the scene of the explosions.

The bystander told police he grabbed the Saudi because he thought he was acting suspiciously."



Not sure where you get Saudi from.

infowars jumped on the

infowars jumped on the alexa.com ratings. now they are 422. after the piers morgan interview infowars went to 350, but alex jones was sick and so he wasn't broadcasting himself, and the military was hacking into his systems and slowing down his network, and infowars went back to 480.


Could this have been the guy

Could this have been the guy in the white cap and dark cloths, the guy in dark cloths in shreds running from the scene, and is also this same Saudi guy being deported?

Idle speculation is

not not how rational thinking works. I suggest to read Ayn Rand on epistemology.

Let me ask you something

Why do you always go tell people to read Ayn Rand? You can't even make an argument based on your own thoughts, rather you lazily tell people to read something someone else wrote.

Wasn't Rand all about individualism? How much of an individual can one be when one does little else beyond parroting?

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Rand wasn't about individualism

Rand's inner circle, who was all jewish (Rand was a racist), she called "the collective". True story, and it was lampooned by Murray Rothbard, who used to meet with her group. (a copy is on Lew Rockwell site - http://www.lewrockwell.com/rothbard/mozart.html )

I get a chuckle out of this everytime I read it, because having read Rand's works extensively, including her old objectivist newsletters, it's so true in it's satire. And there's plenty of stuff in it you only get from reading background on her biography as well. Like the affairs she was having, etc.

It's equally funny today because the humor applies to a lot of her followers online as well.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Rand was about individualism

the hypocracy in her philosophy, Obectivism, is humorous, for she completely overlooked her own participation of group think, which she was against.. one of her issues with religion, the group think, opposed to THE MAN OF REASON, a Father of invention (that spins gold). Each man is his own God and should take on the machine.

Rand was definately about individualism.. each man for himself.

4chan posters should be credited w this

Not necessarily jones. But credit certainly due for jones' team for collating the photos. It seems 4chan stopped hosting them which is strange and not like them. (I am reminded of YouTube deleting videos.)

Nevertheless. Here is proof that hese photos were first posted here yesterday, linked to 4chan a day before prison planet did.


They have an article

They have an article indicating Chris Kyle was at the event...

Isn't he dead? http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/02/10/Boston-Gl...

AJ and Infowars is now going

AJ and Infowars is now going mainstream. The most hard hitting news outlet in America. He's even being marginalized by O'Reilly tonight. He's on right now if you want to watch in the rerun.

Michael Savage now goes on AJ...

...to sell a book!!!! Wow.....go AJ....he's broken through!!!

Gimme a break; one hand greases the other in THAT business...the one that makes merchandise out of people!!!

Would be awesome..

but the same guy that screams fire day and night.. and a fire happens.. and he screams 'I told you!!!'

Just because bullshit sticks to a wall doesnt make me believe it. AJ is a liability and not an asset. Period.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


As far as AJ being a liability, I'm not seeing it. However, the fact that there are some who have taken to what I can only chalk up as celebrity worship *is* a liability, in my view.

I like what the guy does for the most part, but the fanboys just take it overboard with the endless high praise for everything AJ, coupled with a "with us or against us" mentality towards those who dislike or are merely lukewarm toward AJ. As much as I respect and appreciate what he has done, doesn't mean I should shut out everything/everyone else.

Some folks were deifying Dr. Paul during the election, and now many of those same ones are deifying AJ. No matter how good the shepherd may be, I'm not interested in joining a herd.

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As a long time member...

that has defended AJ on more than one occasion.. To family and friends to boot.

Ever have that friend that always gets to drunk and starts shit with everyone? Thats AJ. It doesn't matter if you are correct if you continue to act like a fool.

I saw my rating drop by over half over being pissed the fuck off at AJ for this insane rant.


I want to win elections. Thats why Im here. Thats why I have worked within the party. Its why I donate. Its why I am willing to make personal sacrifices.

Winning means something. Being purist does too.. but I'd rather revel in victory than talk shit in failure.

AJ is a liability. He comes unhinged and is counter productive to the victories we need to secure to move our message forward.

This shit is chess and not checkers. Our movement needs leadership and not sensationalism. Especially by those that refuse to advance our ideals.

Take what I say like a grain of salt.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


I understand what you mean about the way he presents himself; it *does* turn some people off, but the flip side is that others embrace it. The chicken little spiel does get old after a bit, but given our current fear-based MSM, he doesn't seem that much more..."excitable" than say, Savage or Kristol.

I'm still not seeing how he himself is a liability, though. Maybe if I knew who this "we" was, it'd help clarify things. But that's just it-- there is no "we", each of us can only be held responsible for ourselves. (Speaking of which...yeah the Piers rant did get a little over the top)

If someone gets turned off to the ideals of liberty or whatever else simply because of AJ, is that AJ's fault, or the person who made the decision? On the reverse, is it AJ's fault when someone begins embracing liberty/Constitution/what have you because of listening to him?

As far as this being chess, perhaps to those who are attempting to work with(in) the system, but not everyone is choosing that route. I respect your opinion on AJ, though, and thanks for the civil response.

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When has AJ ever claimed...

to lead a movement or be the leader of anything except his own media operations?? I've only heard AJ turn down invitations to lead rudely. He always tells them to go lead their own projects and movements.

What is up with people claiming AJ is leading any movements? He presents mainstream news stories and gives what is plainly his own opinion of them. And he has lots of interesting quests. AJ leads nothing and refuses to lead anything. :p

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

To be fair

It's not so much AJ claiming to be a leader of a movement, it's certain AJ fanboys who push him as if he is. That's on them, not him though.

From my POV, there are no leaders, and there is no movement-- it's just people who are more or less tired of the way the country/world is going. Attempting to unite an extremely diverse group of people with wildly different value systems under a single banner is...well, not very different than all that NWO stuff when you get down to it.

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Paul....I feel similar in ways regarding AJ...

I value any sane and level-headed Journalist or Newscaster whose goal is to defend the RIGHTS of We The people of the USA. Alex Jones can be his own worst enemy due to his habit of portraying himself as an "immature drama queen". He causes damage to his own legitimacy by acting like an out-of-control child who is arrogant to boot. Not arrogant in a Piers Morgan sense, but in more as an "I TOLD you so" character that makes some of us viewers want to click him off. If only he would conduct himself with a greater sense of professionalism and maturity, he MIGHT be more convincing to with his information. At time, AJ gets SO wound-up within himself, that he can hardly conduct an interview without interjecting with constant interruptions. This is NOT to say that I am out to discredit any accurate information that he offers. But there is something to be said for "personal conduct". If he wants to be respected as a professional in his field, then he should make a serious effort to live up to that role and responsibility. This is simply MY opinion based on my views.

Robby Lane

Very interesting article...

Very interesting article...

dont see it

drudge is always a pain to navigate :/

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

It's the article directly

It's the article directly above the president's giant mole....

Very top of the page.

Mystery Photos Rock The Internet (in caps)

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.