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Grassroots Activists Striving to be Heard in the GOP

"During the RNC in Tampa, Florida Jeremy Blosser shouted “Point of Order” in unison with many other Texans and Republican delegates elected to represent their local parties during the convention. Jeremy’s call was muffled by the shouts of the Romney delegates being urged by floor whips to chant “USA” to drown out the proper business attempting to be conducted. In the videos from the event you can clearly make out the loud calls for “Point of Order” and even see Mr. Blosser speaking at the microphone. Reince slammed down the gavel over and over calling for order on the floor stating, “We have to proceed with the order of business.” He dismissed the calls from Jeremy and the other delegates and went on to introduce the next speaker… The gentle lady from Puerto Rico Zoraida Fonalledas, Chairwoman of the Committee on Permanent Organization. The chants continued as the Chairwoman attempted to begin her speech prompting Mr. Priebus to return once more and demand “respect” for the podium.

Since that floor vote on the 2012 RNC Rules there has been growing frustration at the lack of response RNC leadership has given to the grievances of the grassroots. This opacity and unwillingness to hear out the party activists has put a wedge in the party. A wedge that is driven deeper with each passing dismissal.

“Every instance of rejection of the grassroots’ voice within the RNC makes it difficult for us to defend the time, energy, & other resources that we put into our continued party participation.” explains Nicole Revels a GOP grassroots activist from North Carolina. ” It has many of us considering how much longer we can support the Republicans, when they aren’t supporting the grassroots.”

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The American Liberty Association was established to provide a platform for individuals who believe in Judeo-Christian values and libertarian political philosophy. At the heart of our organization we believe that everyone has been endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that these God-given rights cannot be given or taken away by any government, and that when a government attempts the abridgement of these rights we as individuals are not only justified, but obligated to appeal to heaven.


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