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While we focus on Boston: New York confiscates 'private' records of psychiatrists in chilling Orwellian mental health sweep

Stay alert folks to what else is happening in the world while we focus on what the media spins.

"The march to tyranny has picked up fierce momentum in the state of New York, where the criminal Cuomo administration is now issuing subpoenas that demand psychiatrists turn over ALL their records to the state, reports AmmoLand.com.

This is just the first step for the New York government's "HIPAA" committee, whose sole purpose is to "illegally obtain and access the private medical records of potentially millions of NY State Residents."

Regardless of your views on firearms ownership, such actions are absolutely chilling. It puts the government in the position of violating doctor-patient confidentiality for the purpose of the state determining who suffers from "mental health" problems that the state uses to justify almost any action it wishes to take.

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And sadly,

the stigma against mental health carries on.

David Earl Williams III for Congress

live and let live you are

live and let live

you are doing the complete opposite mayor

you are living your life under the missery of others you inflict the misery upon, and plead ignorance to the hand that bites you

"what was that for?"

*intense staring* followed by a deep calming exhale of breath

Doesn't HIPPA prevent this?

Doesn't HIPPA prevent this?

No it does not.

"any lawful or authorized government agency" is an exception in your private form that you are made to read or sign.

Furthermore, under HIPAA legislation, the exchange of health insurance claims data with the federal database at DoHHS was encoded into law. That data feeds the national id DB at DHS which in turn feeds fusion centers.

In other words if your state and local fusion have the memos of understanding in place, they already know what you saw a psych for (based on diag codes on the claim), what you were treated for and what meds you are on.

They already have that data TODAY.

So vile

This is New York. What happened to these people? Who would seek help knowing this?

The "healthcare" industry is the number one tool

that the PTB use to enslave people and if you can understand it, they will herald in the precursor to the mark of the beast via possibly electronic tattoos or RFIDs for "medical" monitoring.

It meets most all the requirements in that people voluntarily accept it. If you don't accept it, it is getting harder to get and/or keep a job and other things. Scripture says that the world will refuse to give up their Sorceries (AKA Pharma)in Revelations. The "healthcare" industry has grown through ignorance and fear on the part of patrons and theft, murder and morbid practices on the part of the industry. And for those who understand the concept of Faith and Obedience they usurp the authority of GOD by trying to negate the natural course of cause and affect brought about by sinful behavior.

In your mind and on your hand.

Is what the bible says. No device or bar code required.

You already have your mark or "the number of a man" on your mind and in your hand at all times while engaging in commerce.

"Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man" (Rev.13:18 – NKJV).

It's the DATA, not the device carrying the data.

80 years from institution of the data system to its use for demonic enslavement is nothing on an eternal timeline. Also recall "I didn't know," or "I did not understand," will not be an excuse before the eternal bar, as the Teacher was sent and sacrificed mercilessly to get you to pay attention.

Well played Israel, well played!

Sandy hook was cover for the 2013 mental illness report (Israel controls the AMA), now this! very important! GOOD WORK!

Thanks. Will research this! It is all smoke and mirrors.

The Rothschilds want Israel as their base to rule the world and the government there is Zionist. They are USING the people of the world to fight their wars, and that includes Israel and America and all of NATO. Let's target those hiding behind the smoke screen and choreographing this world dance as they want it to get what they want, which is to rule this planet .


Excellent posts guys or ladies ,

the two posters above are well informed, either of you listen to mike harris, gordon duff , david duke, kevin barrett ?

I thought i was the only one.

I CONCUR and keep up the good posts.

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

Nope, never heard of those guys. Don't really have time to

research them. It has been said that he who controls the money controls the world. I think most of us know by now that the people of the Middle East are not our enemies. The people of the world are just pawns in a big war game. It is time to recognize the true enemy, those who want to rule the world. Put the blame and responsibility where it belongs and refuse to fight their wars.

What happened in Boston is a horror, but it is a small event in comparison to the ongoing slaughter of innocent people in other nations! Multiply the blood you see in Boston by thousands to see what NATO-US-NWO has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Serbia, Syria, Vietnam and the list goes on in the name of the NWO.
Iraq before invasion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=bC4EJ8Jlck0&feature=ends...
Iraq after invasion. Turn music off. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLuryt-ypas
Send Bush, Obama, Tony Blair and his Friends to Fight
NATO-US Armed and Funded Terrorists in Syria on the Road to Iran
Syria Horror http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbKIiR5pRvk
Out tax dollars in action!



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'm no fan of the ACLU,

but they might be interested in filing an injunction. This is insane! If nothing else, this will turn people in need away from getting the mental health treatment they need.

This could be the beginning of a new society

of empowered and aware people who look after themselves instead of wanting to be taken care of. The potential is there. The blowback could be freedom from dependance on this sick authoritarian system obsessed with the need for control.

This system does nothing but hand out pills and that is a band aid, not a balance or a cure. Any pill taken long term will destroy the neurological system and brain.

Look to other methods such as energy balancing and even meditation/yoga.

The silver lining.

Turn them away from the WORST "help" available, and maybe they will seek alternative care that actually benefits them.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Amen to that, fishy.

I see even little kids on prescribed psych drugs early in life. Most doctors do nothing except write prescriptions, and most doctors have no real knowledge of biochemistry.

In fairness to doctors, they are captive to this system of protocols controlled by the medical college and big pharmo. If you do anything outside of the allowed protocols you can lose your license, even if you cure the person.

see my reply in another thread...

I've commented several times, actually, about the "professional blind spot" - how good people are led to do evil. EVERY liberty lover really ought to grasp the concept, then take a hard look in the mirror. When you figure out HOW you are being played, you can stop your participating in the game. Without that knowledge, you are PROBABLY serving an agenda that would break your heart, if you knew. "Forgive them, they know not" is great advice, but if they can be brought to where they know, there is nothing to forgive.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

To those who still think "mental illness" is a good reason

as I said right after Sandy Hook:
"and "grieving" is a mental illness.
Submitted by fishyculture on Sun, 12/23/2012 - 16:52. Permalink

Along with nearly every normal human emotion.
This gun grab has been in the making for a long, long time, and they have their ducks in a row now."

Imagine how delighted I am - poisoned by Pharma, misdiagnosed and treated inhumanely by the "mental health professionals" and labeled all sorts of crazy for daring to say the drugs were making me suicidal.... before they put were forced to admit they could do that and put a "black box warning" on the label. A lifelong peace activist, devoted to the non-aggression principle, no longer entitled to defend myself...

The gun grab is coming from the UN. This was about getting everyone to agree that crazy people should not have rights. Next comes labeling us all crazy, one by one.

And about HIPPAA.... I was managing a medical office when it became law, and I have said since day one that is was a farce. It did NOTHING to protect privacy, it made it EASIER for insurance companies to BILL you and harder for you or your family to access your own records. It never was, and never will be, about protecting people.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Also under HIPAA legislation, the exchange of health insurance claims data with the federal database at DoHHS was encoded into law. That data feeds the national id DB at DHS which in turn feeds fusion centers.

In other words if your state and local fusion have the memos of understanding in place, they already know what you saw a psych for (based on diag codes on the claim), what you were treated for and what meds you are on.

They already have that data TODAY.

Yep. All true.

Know who else gets the info? Pharma. The pharmatutes, I mean drug dealers, I mean drug reps... can go down and find out which doctor is prescribing what. Not to which patient, but that data is all in one spot for them now, so when they pop in to the clinic with free samples, they can decide whether the doctor gets a lot of free samples or just a few, and whether the staff gets lunch or not, and whether the doctor and his staff get invited to the BEST parties at Academy (continui9ng education conventions.) And they will threaten the doctor if he is not prescribing enough... maybe the threat of "no more lunch for the staff" sounds trivial, but it has an effect. For the most part, the doctors don't care what drug they prescribe as long as it is FDA approved for the disease. They usually do not even know what any of them cost.
I remember when doctors ran their office and "patient care" was what I got paid to provide. By the time I retired, I rarely saw patients. I was the coding compliance officer for HIPAA, Stark, and OSHA. I also managed the clinical staff, and my boss was... the bean counting MBA. The doctors did whatever he said. He covered all his greed with "How many patients do out of business doctors serve?" and since he was "the business expert" we all went along with the expert's advice.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


is no more doctor-patient confidentiality since Obamacare went through. We should have recognized it then. Joining the mindless collective is being forced on us and we can do nothing about it except run around saying "did you hear....", "do you believe what's happening....".

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Everyone needs to stay away from all doctors.

Look after yourself. Do the research on how to stay healthy by living/eating simple. Stop eating the modern diet. You do not need this health care system that even now is one big pill pushing system for the pharmaceutical industry. If you break your leg go to emergency and get it fixed. Anything else figure out how you got ill and change your lifestyle.

If you are eating the typical modern diet your body will get so toxic you will have colds and flu when you are young, and some big illness later in life. Stay with the alkaline diet and you will not get sick or have any aches and pains.


...Are you for real???
This "thread" is "about" NYS grabbing Personal Medical/Mental Health Files to effect an agenda to deny 2nd Amendment rights.


Guess if I get on to an "Alkaline Diet" or go to the ER for a broken leg, then all will be well???

I do know one thing.
If you attempted to seek marriage counseling at any time during married life, your records will now be up for "interpretation" by the NYS Bureaucracy, since most "sessions" are conducted by psychotherapists.

Many of these "sessions" are "Court-Ordered" as part of a Motion before the Court in a Divorce Proceeding.

But if I choose to eat healthy, deny myself the use of a Paid-for Health Plan (and an expensive one also)for a broken leg, all will be well!
Guess again.
It's a weapons grab...that's all.
Ever been to an ER in NY?...it's most unhealthy.
I stay as far away from Doctors and ER as I can.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Perhaps if you use your own brain, your name will not

come up in the system. Yes it is a gun grab and they are using the medical data base to do it. My point is that you can stay healthy by using your own common sense and avoid being tracked in the system. When it comes to counseling or anxiety there are alternate methods of getting some help.

We have all become too dependent on being looked after by a nanny state. What is happening in NY is the price you pay for being looked after instead of empowering yourself and looking after your own life.

You are right.

Only those who submit to the "Healthcare" industry can have their records seized.