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Car falls into a SINKHOLE *video*; Chicagoland Flood 4/18/13

Hello gang!

We're experiencing a historic flood in the western suburbs of Chicago....

here's yours truly wading through it

...and here's The WGN-TV Live shot of a car falling into a huge sinkhole...

We have over 6" inches of water in our basement!!! It's a mess...(I've never seen a floating litter box!)


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my pictures, and my boy...

...made the newspaper!!!

the cleanup is over....

...for us anyway....


For those who got 5' feet of water in their basement, including a friend of ours with.a one year old baby, 27 weeks pregnant with TRIPLETS who lost all their baby furniture plus....oh my!

This was historic...

cleanup begins...

A box of family photographs tipped over and our of a tote ... You can see the water mark on the cardboard box in the background...


Hot water heater was submerged, can't refire...crap!

Governor Quinn: here and gone...

The press knew where he was going to be, but not me...only a dozen blocks from me...


Shucks, just missed him....could have said "not yours to give!!!...this State can never repay the Federal...will the money go into the General Fund and never make to us...will there be strings attached..can we vote on it first?"


here comes the $$$$$...

STATE of EMERGENCY Declared for my town

We're hearing(my wife is chatting with local moms on FB) we may get a visit from the Governor, and the National Guard!!!


All kinds of Mid-West excitement going on.

Not to "rain on your parade" (you look like you're having so much fin...) but did you know a nuke plant got struck by lightning near Chicago?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Wow! Need to borrow my snorkel?

Best wishes to you - that looks miserable!
I guess that neighborhood can brag about their new underground parking facility...?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

thanks for the well-wishes!

This is historic, and nuts!

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See this picture of Chicago sinkhole with three cars in it.

Probably the most symbolic photo of the day, courtesy of Breaking911, showing a "huge sinkhole in Chicago due to heavy flooding at 96th & Houston. 3 cars in the hole." No further commentary needed.

any chance ol

Rahm was in the car


Bet the cat is having a problem with that.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government