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Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNN’s Misreporting of Boston Marathon Bombing Case

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Great, private

skewering is the way to go.

I was uncomfortable with the FBI making recommendations. It was scathing and elements within the media deserved to be scathed. Complaining if misreporting does complicate things is understandable, but they openly went on to tell the media to check with official channels before reporting. If the viewers want them to based on the FBI's complaint, that's different, but not the FBI's place to say.

And it was an official press conference where an official said the electrical fire was a bombing. And even after that, the NBC reporter was skeptical and didn't consider it as being confirmed enough. So official channels was a crappy recommendation anyway.

Defend Liberty!

The reason they'll being so

The reason they'll being so vague is to see what people will buy.

What has just happened is a bunch of navy seals where standing around having a "bomb drill" before the explosions occurred, and on that excuse, they just locked down Boston under marital law for April 19th.

If Obama's gun control had gone through this week, we'd have gun control and martial law right after it.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Jon & Colbert sold their souls

About 7 months ago the Daily Show and Colbert Report sold out.

They've joined the rest of the MSM on distorting issues.

They used to be my favorite shows, now it's just sad.



Maybe CNN can be shamed into doing a better job, next time around! I did not watch this live, because I thought it was a little crass. Now, that I understand, it is classic Stewart! I could not help but laugh out loud at the stupidity!

At this time, they are actively hunting the 19yo. I bet most of us hope we can save money, and keep this out of court (kill the little idiot!). But, I must also not be selfish and hope that he is caught alive. Maybe there are more, than these two punks involved in killing and maiming US citizens, that could be caught!

Hearing about these two, all I can think is, "WHY?!!" We saved these kids' butts and they give us mayhem in return! They had so much going for them! One was such a good wrestler he had a scholarship and the other, apparently a good Golden Gloves boxer! Why, indeed?

The other great point is that, as they claim to be Muslim, us right wing Christian types cannot be blamed. They cannot claim the gun vote was responsible for the senseless act, at the Boston marathon!

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Ron Paul Was Right

Everytime I refresh the Daily Paul

This video plays......Can it be fixed?

For Freedom!
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Same awful auto-play of John Stewart upon refresh.

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I think CNN was left twisting in the wind on this one

I think CNN was given a narrative that the police/government were going to run with until.....until they had to change their story and make this one disappear into the ether.

It never happened and 5 years from now you won't remember it happening. Just like most people don't remember the BBC reporting building 7 fell before it fell. What if it never fell? They would have just been called stupid for not getting their facts straight.

We all know CNN is a propaganda rag for the white house. What makes anyone think this time is any different?

This one is very interesting.

It really does appear that 4chan broke the story, AJ made it go viral, and CNN actually decided, for once, to report something they found using alternative media sources... for which, they were left to twist in the wind. That is how it looks to me, so far.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

"CNN has become the Human Centipede of news."

What a way to articulate what everyone already knows!


When it takes a comedian to point out how flawed the media is

you know your "real" media is not.