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Does anyone else get literally ill when the MSM is on?

I would like to ask a simple question:

Does anyone else here find themselves literally unable to watch the MSM anymore, or for that matter find themselves sick to their stomachs when the talking heads are using melodramatic gestures and words to push an agenda of global, wreckless warfare?

The Boston Marathon bombing has me waiving the white flag ad nauseum...stop exploiting these tragedies with overly dramatic pictures, constant coverage reeled together like a soap-opera and stop bringing celebrities like Donald Trump, Jennifer Aniston or professionals like Dr. Oz on television simply to push the policy of constant revenge and warfare...

Quit making us feel like we don't care just because we question our inept and failed government...

I love my country and I'm tired of those in power tearing it asunder...the appeal to the emotional is becoming disgusting and transparent...STOP trying to FRIGHTEN everybody with half-truths and outright lies.


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I have to watch

I have to watch what's being fed to the sheeple so I can counter and try and get them to wake up. Yup, I admit it: I troll CNN/MSNBC/Huffington/Fox/Politico's comment boards to try and inject truth where there isn't any.

I think the next question should be this: how can we hurt the media's influence? Or, I'll just ask it outright: how can we bring down all media outlets that lie?

It'll be tough!

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I get ill when I watch.

I try not to watch the MSM but on occasion when I do I have the onset of tourette syndrome. I become uncomfortable in my chair and start twisting and jerking with hand gestures and such while profanity starts unconsciously spewing from my mouth. It's horrible just horrible.

Oh My God

That's how I react when I visit my Mom..I blurt out That's BS!!!, What a bunch of sh*t!! What did that a**hole just say ? what a liar! They're making sh*t up!!! She gets kinda scared looking and then I beg her to shut off the T.V. I Immediately calm down and become the sweet girl that she raised.


LOL. I think we just found the cause

and the cure for tourette.

Used to, not any more. Now it is like "Barney."

I avoid watching it, but if I am exposed to it in public or choose to watch a youtube clip, it no longer riles much emotion - I made that choice. They traumatized me after 9-11, I could not stop crying. Tuckfards are no longer permitted to play on my tender heart. If it is on TV, it is a "distraction" and I can just focus on whatever I am looking for. Honestly, I now laugh at things that might make me seem insensitive, and that is not the case. I could not feel more sorry for those who have their lives ripped apart as "collateral damage" in some psycho plot. But they are getting pretty well called out these days, and the photo-shopped injury cracked me up.... Media spinners.... "Sorry you were injured, but really, we are sorry the injury is not a lot worse. We need blood and guts. Send this pic downstairs for a little touch up."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I can't. The worst is walking

I can't. The worst is walking into a friend or family member's house while its on. They expect you to sit there and watch it, or at least have the noise in the background. Its unbearable.

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Or being expected to have an opinion

What's unbearable to me is when I'm expected to have an opinion or to comment about anything of it, when I know, that the talking heads' narrative, beyond the images all can see, is like 99% of either pure noise or propaganda. 1% of truth slipping thru only, by extraordinary luck.

There are really eerie moments, though:


When everybody wants to laugh, while I'd almost want to kill myself.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

LOL! I don't have friends like that.

I do a pretty good "Mystery Science Theater 3000" commentary.... people just don't leave a TV on around me, not for long... not without a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance.
It is more fun at the restaurants, where I can run my commentary just loud enough for a few tables around me to hear. I'm pretty careful not to push the "conspiracy" button, but there is ALWAYS plenty of BS to call out.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I do the same thing .. I think I may be "Crow"