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What is the Case for Central Banks' Manipulation of the Gold Market?


Hi everyone, I received the above link from a friend. The article critiques the "conspiracy theory" that the Fed manipulates Gold prices. Notice that the article only focuses on our central bank. The article also is deceptive by implying that gold crashed from 1900 plus to its current price very quickly, when we know this has been a gradual decline, except for what happened Friday and Monday.

However, can anyone offer a solid rebuttal to this? I simply don't know enough about financial markets to make a credible response. I am starting to understand the difference between paper gold and real gold, but still not sure how this figures into the recent crash. If you know of any links to good articles on this, please share. Thanks!

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http://www.dailypaul.com/282804/why-did-silver-gold-collapse... Is this a good response? I guess Boston got in the way of people finding this post interesting. Please help a newbie to this issue out! thanks!