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West, Texas Missile in Slow Motion on 4/17/2013

West, Texas Missile in Slow Motion on 4/17/2013, watch carefully at 8 seconds

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I recommend......

people keep paying attention to this.

Question: Was this plant known to be a source for the "supply manufacturing of gun powder?"

Don't be so quick to blow things off.....


Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

I see no missile anywhere.

I see no missile anywhere.

Anyone see

The second video of this from another location? WOW! THIS video gives you a much greater sense of the explosion.


Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

I expected this to be some retarded nonsense.

I see what's being touted as a "missile," it could be. I don't have information of the chain of custody for this film, so not going to say "yes, it was" or "no, it wasn't." If the film hasn't been altered, it could be some kind of projectile. The "missile" is separate from the rest of the fire: "missile strike," then place explodes. Also, in the audio you hear a tell-tale "missile" screeching sound. It's interesting. What motive, and by who? No idea. It also might be total nonsense and was just the fertilizer plant naturally exploding. I don't feel like verifying either way lol.

PS. I don't play the nonsense "missile" game for any other conspiracy, whether real or alleged, such as the 9/11 Pentagon or WTC disinformation.

Why Would they Need A Missile

to blow up a fertilizer plant that was already on fire? Doesn't fire cause fertilizer to blow up on its own?

(repost from dutk0004 below)

You know what?

I'll admit to being a conspiracy theorist, shoot a NUT even. I have no problem doing that. But seriously? A missile? I don't see it and doubt that this was the case. Now obviously I can't say for sure... but not everything needs to be a "conspiracy". Perhaps this was nothing more than a tragic accident, at a FERTILIZER plant.

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Could it be an optical illusion in the camera lens?

Just a thought, but maybe the right-hand side of the fire exploded first, and then progressively moved its way to the left side. (The change in brightness of the actual fire would be unnoticed, since cameras have a saturation point.) Thus, the light 'flared' across the lens in the reverse direction, from left to right.

This is provided that both camera lenses share similar shapes.

I am no expert in lenses or optical illusions, though, but someone needs to check out that theory first before calling it a 'missile' strike. I find it too strange that any government or terrorist or other domestic enemy, even the most tyrannical, would fire upon a burning fertiliser store that has very little strategic value.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Another possibility...

The gas from the factory is flamable, yes?

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This post and comments proves there are batshit crazy people

in here.

Why can't you go make a government conspiracy web site deal with infowars and have fun feeding your fears elsewhere?

obviously this is flying rods from reptillian planet X shooting

lazer haarp cannons at fertilizer plants in order to save us from GMO's duh.... dont you people read the paper anymore jeesh!

the flying rods had to shoot the plant or the jewish spiders would hunt the molech owl pagans until all that would be left is the eastern dragon wormdoodles

ahem, so basically all we have to do is audit the fed and problem fixed mmkaay...

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West Texas was a deserted town

Texas (real)Explosion but (empty) town and is a Hoax after all


some guy checked on google maps - that part of the city was deserted or abandoned.

read the comments on the video!
factoids that rip the official story and observations about oddities

There is a huge difference between West Texas and West, TX

One is a low populated region in the western part of our state and the other is a small Czech community in North Central region of the state. My sister married a guy from there. In high school he worked at that plant. I have been to this town and bought the best kolaches from two different bakeries there.

It's a real place.

did you watch the video?


Yes, I did.

I was in West 6 or 7 weeks ago. That video was most likely taken during working hours. I went to a home I think is the street behind the one he is showing...near the elementary school. It's a regular, normal small, small Texas town.

the guy says it's from google maps

the guy says it's from google maps

probably the images are months old if not a few years...

i saw photos of my house and it was what our house looked like two years ago.

That is why

I prefer police cameras in the streets rather than armed "Libertarians" on drugs.

I do not have problem with police (except their trade unions), I do not have problem with bankers (except FDIC insurance and bailouts), I do not have problem with the FED (except QE and interest rate manipulation), I do not have problem with government (except its interference into economy and private property, body included.)


you don't get it, do you..

You have a problem! They

You have a problem! They might have a pill for that!!!

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If you zoom really really

If you zoom really really close you can see a chupakabra and sasquach flying a cobra attack helicopter towing a Geico banner shooting a flair gun at the fertilizer plant!

chupakabra and sasquach

have teamed up with Illuminati bankers to blow up a factory in the middle of no where that was already on fire??? Its only a matter of time before we are next!

Here is better coverage


better explanation of both videos

Time to outlaw fertilizer

Guns don't kill people fertilizer does.

Why more people die from believing all the bullshit they are fed by the Government/Industrial complex than the Government/Industrial complex could ever hope to kill just by terrorist bombings.


Obvious to me that was a missile, probably the 2nd fired from the predator, Alex Jones destroyed their Boston massacre BS, SO THEY ARE DOING THE OLD SWITCHEROO.

Why would they Need a Missile

to blow up a fertilizer plant that was already on fire? Doesn't fire cause fertilizer to blow up on its own?

You are Only supposed to Question MSM

not conspiracy nuts!!

looks like a reaper to me


Would be nice to see more

Would be nice to see more video, but something defiantly appears in the top left of this video before making contact with the other flames. And a few frames later it is almost as if you can see a smoke streak from top left to bottom right.

Still skeptical but that's got me curious. I was wondering where the 3rd explosion in the family guy came into play.

Does anyone know from what direction the video was taken from?



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If you look hard enough....

...I'm pretty sure you can see GW Bush throw that missile. If my physics are correct, he must have had help because it would be quite a toss for just one person. I don't have any evidence to back it up, but I'm pretty sure his helper was one of the Rothschilds. Follow the money: what is the biggest challenger to Texas oil? Texas manure.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).