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Ron Paul Isn't Worried About Falling Gold Prices


On Wednesday I joined the Paul movement for the launch of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, at the Republicans' Capitol Hill Club, right near the House offices formerly used by the congressman's staff. I asked Paul: What was behind the gold tumble? Was he worried?

"That's a market phenomenon," Paul said. "That's not unusual. It reminded me of shortly after gold was legalized, in 1975, summer of 1976, gold went from $35 up to $200! Now, $200 was really radical. From there it lost 50 percent. Markets are like that. They're erratic. But I don't see the price of gold as the issue as much as the value of the dollar.

The value of the dollar is a subjective thing, it comes and goes, and there are a thousand different reasons why the values go up and down. There's nothing unusual about that market."


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Thank you for the article!

I agree with SteveMT: Ron Paul=solid gold!


Hey Bobby! Glad your back friend of liberty..

Nice article Bobby..

Thanks Patriot..

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Take note Bitcoin deniers! ;)

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And Ron Paul ought to know. Ron Paul = solid gold

Thanks for posting.

Awesome!!! You got a chance

Awesome!!! You got a chance to ask RP a question and such a good one. I went to his rallies when he was running for prez. I got there a few hours early and the place was always packed and he was mobbed afterwards so never got to speak to him.

Anyway forgive my ramblings, that is a good question to ask him for all the people that don't research market principals.

Thanks Bobby

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Welcome Back


Predictions in due Time...

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