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Time's 100 Most Influential People has chosen Rand Paul as its Cover for "Leaders"


Establishment-lite Sarah Palin is getting cozy with Rand Paul. I like her, shes really learned a lot the last 5 years.

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He looks damn hot in that

He looks damn hot in that picture!

Didn't she also say nice things about Ron Paul

in 2012

"That's right, vote with your penis."

That was what my husband shouted at his fellow RNC attendees when they "revealed" Sarah.
The chairman of the Idaho GOP came over to us, his little tongue darting in and out in an alarmingly lizard-like fashion.... and he asked us what we "thought of Sarah" with a bit of drool sliding between his forked tongue...
Sarah is MKUltra, she is bait.
Rand Paul being named more influential than his father is sort of an insult to them both, but it is something.

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