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FBI Releases Images of Boston Bombing Persons of Interest

Video from FBI.gov


High resolution images at: FBI.gov

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wrong back pack though

the grumpy, older guy ( next to the woman in pink from the crowd shots)appears, so far to be the only one to have the same color packstraps as was on the post explosion backpack pictures. Still , the whole fake wheelchaired conscious guy who supposedly just had his legs blown off, is a red flag as to how much Sandy hooking is happening right now. Terrible make up job btw.

Also the two craft men

Also the two craft men standing behind the crowd as they look at the wood panel wall.

Notice the guy in the middle?
notice the bag on his left shoulder?
looks heavy?
notice the other strap and on his right hip there seems to be a radio
of some kind?
Who is this guy?

It is the two men standing in the street on cell phones after bombing, but were is there buddy with the backpack?

"but were is there buddy with

"but were is there buddy with the backpack?" WTF?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Let's leave no stone unturned here now, OK

If you ask me, I'd like to talk with the girl holding the big blue duffle type bag. She is leaning against the building in the vid.
She looks warmly dressed, so there's no need to be carrying extra clothing in a large duffle bag. When I was 19 years old, I could have put all my earthly belongings in that bag.
It's odd for a young woman to go to an event all alone, and moreso, to have such a large bag. I'd like to see some photos of her "after" the explosion. Let's leave no stone unturned here...in reality, everyone in this immediate area should be deemed "people of interest". You are a suspect when we have photos/vid. of you doing something...which the "authorities" seem reluctant to show.
This is starting to make the "authorities" the suspects, know what I mean?

"It's odd for a young woman to go to an event all alone..."

What is this 1950?

"...and moreso, to have such a large bag"

You obviously don't know much about young college aged women.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

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also, its a marathon...

there could be running shoes, running clothes, ipod, her normal purse type things, a windbreaker, rain suit, lunch, water...

just sayin...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Alex Jones followers...

The complete ignorance of fact and blind worship is basically the definition of cult. Downvote all you want, like the robots you are. This movement needs to get bigger, but we would be better off if you were not part of it.

who is we and what are you scared of?

do you think you are exactly the same as everyone else who doesnt like alex jones? is there a list or a form i can fill out to see if i fit into your movement?

why did/does Ron Paul frequent his show? why does his show contribute to so much passion for people here?

what is it you want all the people, who believe that elements of the government have a hand in these things, to do? give up on your cause of liberty for passionately expressing things you dont agree with?

what is your goal in ostracizing this group? how does it impact your cause?

I don't want to associate with anyone

who doesn't think for themselves. No one who doesn't use their head is beneficial to any cause I may have.

Is it all of Alex Jones' people that fit this bill? No, but their obnoxious ignorance is making me physically ill and so I am utilizing my free speech to express how stupid and useless they are.

Fair enough

I think there are many who profess a level of belief/worship/idolatry for what alex jones does...and at times they are certainly off-putting.

But i think labelling them as a single entity can lead to cutting of the nose to spite the face as it related to your cause/movement...etc

my exercise in asking some questions was meant to point out that many, can recognize that his business, his efforts, his team, do an immense amount of good that isnt done at the level and with the exposure that his platform has.

i can be critical of boisterousness, bombast, self promoting, sensationalism, inaccuracies, and the whole lot while still recognizing that exposing elements of conspiracy, cabalism, cronyism, and the like....are as much the true enemy of Liberty as the ideas and ideals promoted on the saner platforms of information.

i get it can make you ill, and can reek of ignorance...but wanted to try and bridge the gap if at all possible. peace.


Slightly Bridged, as I can acknowledge I shouldn't be making blanket statements.

Psst ...

... dontcha know? The first thing ya gotta do to promote liberty is to censor free speech. And make sure you demonize anyone who says something bad about the gubmint.

There are pictures

of Suspect 2 placing the bag behind the deceased 8 year old. Thinking anything outside of these guys being guilty is ignorant.

What were the mercenaries doing there? Best case, probably getting an easy contract detail through nepotism, and then doing nothing to prevent 3 people from dying and 30 limbs being blown off.

You Alex Jones guys are truly the brain-washed ones.

Additionally, a well known victim identified the Suspect 1 before the bombing and saw him place the bag.

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I keep hearing about these phantom pictures...

that you and the fbi keep talking about

you've seen them? where are they?

please provide a link or stfu!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


It is a relatively disturbing picture.

The link

is in this thread you lazy ass moron.

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that pic doesn't show anybody...

sitting ANYTHING down, asshole!

is THIS your evidence?

to me, what looks to be set down is something more closer to the girls than the white-hatted guy and, either way, its not a white/grey backpack, its plastic or black and white

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Where is your evidence?

The pic I'm referencing has the suspect putting a backpack behind a dead 8 yr old kid. Your writing off of this preponderance of evidence is why I have used the words ignorant and stupid several times to describe these conspiracy theorists.



Seems pretty clear to me

Seems pretty clear to me these kids in the video played a role, especially the kid in the white hat. Lots of photo evidence that seems to correlate.

The military type personnel there though are still a question mark. Was there some kind of tip beforehand they just don't want the public to know about? And why didn't those guys jump in to help out, that seems so strange to me. Most military guys i've ever seen would be right in there helping out.

Also, in the FBI videos released I am still perplexed by the guy standing on the righthand side of the video which really looks like the guy putting in an earpiece as the suspects walk by. If that was the case that would intimate someone else involved or someone with prior knowledge of the suspects.

Do what we tell you and

Don't look at the people in the black backpacks. We will tell you who to look for...


Wow ... CNN just making up stories as they go ...

... I'm watching CNN just for the humor and because I haven't watched in a LONG time, and they have some "lady" on just making things up about these two suspects ...

- They were walking calmly, which means they were pros.

- They "obviously" practiced this for some time, scoping out the place, etc.

- They "clearly" are reclusive and loners (two of them, huh? lol).

MAN! I know MSM is bad and CNN is the worst ... but they just make up stories with no facts whatsoever and present it as "news."


im not so sure this is the person heres why:

1) he's wearing his hat backwards instead of forwards, exposing his face
2) no sun glasses to cover where his eyes are looking
3) he's supposedly carrying a heavy bomb in a backpack with only one strap on his shoulder

Plus, wearing a white hat ...

... makes him stick out like a sore thumb. The other guy is dressed more appropriately, but even he is wearing a white shirt a tan pants.

But, let's see what the cops come up with. They are hinting that they have video of #2 placing the bomb there. But looking at that pic that is a still shot from TV, that pic looks photoshopped.

Kooky conspiracy stuff, but compare the pic from TV here:

with the pic above in this thread where he is turned to the side and a circle highlights his head. Looks like the same pic, but different background.

We shall see what they come up with ...

They should have identified him by now, I would think. Should have some sort of announcement soon.

the white hat guy

he's holding his head high so everyone can see him. he is not worried about being caught. so if this guy did plant it then i would assume he wants to be found - he wants the notoriety...

on the other hand, the other suspect is more close to a description of a bomber.

and if this is anti-government related, where is the manifesto? where is the explanation letter or video which puts this attack into a perspective? such a thing has not surfaced. one would expect if terrorism is politically motivated, the perpetrators would want to control the framing of why the attack took place...

this is something that didnt happen for the 9/11 attacks, the hijackers never released any statement that put their violence into context - totally blowing the opportunity to raise awareness for whatever cause... kinda shocks me still...

The government is probably

The government is probably using their facial recognition software to locate a constitutional Ron Paul supporter to frame as a patsy. Without independently verifiable evidence, I'd view the FBI's suspect with great skepticism. Government trolls are working this website heavily today. They disappear after the whistle blows around 6 pm Eastern. They'll be back tomorrow with their silly disinformation and uncritical support for the government's position regardless of other evidence. Personally, without some real proof, this tragedy looks just like it appears, an operation executed sloppily but effectively by members of Craft International or a group imitating them. We'll see who the FBI eventually selects as a patsy. One does NOT hire mercenaries to DEFEND. One hires mercenaries to assassinate, i.e. preemptively KILL. Again, what were members of Craft International doing at the marathon, engaged in a drill? If so, there's a LOT of explaining to do.

I have hired private security

I have hired private security often for events, and I sure didn't do it so they could 'attack' the crowds. That is a very poor argument.

We're NOT talking SECURITY

We're NOT talking SECURITY here. We're talking INSECURITY, i.e. paid assassins! Ok? Personally, I think you totally missed my argument.

Would paid assassins be so

Would paid assassins be so poor as to be caught on dozens of cameras?

What are they being paid for in that case? A complete ignoramus (for instance, you =P) could have done it.

Don't let distrust of government devolve into paranoia. That s what THEY want =D

Of course, because they ( the

Of course, because they (the paid assassins and their sponsors) can obviously depend on ignoramuses such as yourself to cover for their involvement. Secondly, paid assassins might have a bit of difficulty evading cameras in a city, eh? Does the latter caveat mean that paid assassins couldn't execute this event? I don't think so as the carnage speaks for itself. Someone was evidently successful unfortunately. The crowd and ensuing chaos could easily be a cover for paid assassins even with cameras running. The tragic events of 9/11 and OKC were similar in respects. Although found in a field away from cameras, someone assassinated Terrence Yeakey in OKC and I don't think the fee was free. Then we have all the cameras rolling in NYC on 9/11/2001. I don't think the suspects, identified or not, went unpaid for that tragedy, either. LoL Are you a cheerleader for the official story of 9/11, OKC, and the 1993 bombing of the WTC, too? There is absolutely NO doubt that Craft International is involved so they definitely are persons of interest in this tragedy. I never said that members of Craft International actually detonated the bombs, but they could easily use gullible individuals such as yourself for cover if they did. ;)

Again, mercenaries are NOT hired for defensive operations. Mercenaries are hired for offensive operations. Eventually, you'll grasp this basic concept. ;)