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FBI Releases Images of Boston Bombing Persons of Interest

Video from FBI.gov


High resolution images at: FBI.gov

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No way to tell if #2 has backpack ...

... he was wearing it on his right shoulder and you couldn't see it in the video when he was walking facing the camera because it was on the other side, but you could see it when he was walking away.

Same problem in this pic, if he has it it would be on his right shoulder, away from the camera. But that's definitely the same guy, so he was there right when blast #2 went off, and that would mean he designed a sophisticated bomb but did not try to figure out a way to delay the blast until he was far enough away that he would be out of danger.

Questionable, but let's see video of him actually dropping the backpack.

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i would love to see him come forward and say...

hey, its not me...here's my backpack!

his jacket looks slouched on the right side like something is there

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I'm sure they have that video

No way would there be an all-out manhunt on these suspects if they didn't have that kind of evidence on them.

They probably already have cell phone evidence too.


Why wouldn't there be?


To me it appears he is no longer carrying the backpack...

take a look at the enlarged and cropped version I posted above.

But I agree, it is not conclusive and only proves that this man was at the scene of the second explosion after it had occurred.

We don't know for sure whether he is a bystander who dropped his belongings and fled or is responsible for the placing the second device.

If he were responsible for the second bombing, more questions arise, such as why would he remain at the scene after placing the explosives?

Short of video or eyewitness testimony of him dropping his bag at the center of the blast zone, all we can do is speculate as to whether he placed an explosive device at the scene or not.

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A lot of people dropped all

A lot of people dropped all their stuff and just ran.

The first thing I thought was...

They have to show us them dropping the bags off or leaving after the explosion without them. That never happened. 2 hours later I realized, do they really think we are that dumb to question that one fact. They must... It's time to take action and get real answers. Instead of just doing what we are told.


Do not ever look at someone with a black backpack.

Do what we say!


probably should expect a bill

probably should expect a bill with bipartisan support banning black back packs

Another pic of the supposed Bomber found on twitter

Hat tip to @cr3dit

Go check out his twitter handle. A shot of the white cap guy by himself leaving the scene.


The older man at the very

The older man at the very front of the picture dressed in black is smiling like a perverted priest....quite weird.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

His shirt is Navy blue, not black.

I think he's smiling because those girls (who would have been immediately visible to his front-right) are about to run past; with the turqoise blue top girl's b-cups bouncing by. Perverted? Yeah, probably. Why he's smiling so excited? You bet. Go, Red Sox! (his shirt lol.)

Smiling for bombs, boobies,

Smiling for bombs, boobies, Beantown, and beer.

If I had 10 beers in me and something like that happened, I'd sober up right quick...the last thing I'd be concerned about is sex.

Bomb goes off, people start running...and this guy is just kind of taking it all in with an evil grin of his face.

Strange photograph, worth more than a thousand words.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

you sure he is one of the folks on the inside who know...

That it is not a drill, for some? My guess is that this kid wasn't even supposed to make it... That is, if this is credible footage.. Take nothing for granted, buddy (me)

Great find!

I can't tell if he's carrying a backpack. Can anybody download and zoom in?

BTW: Wearing a white cap ... easy to spot in a crowd, huh?

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i can zoom in

by holding the control button down and tapping the plus sign

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Zooming in----

For one thing, he has a collar, & the backpack strap was on that right side and underneath the collar, so you can't see it from that angle.

BUT...my husband said if you look closely, you can see what looks like a small outline of a backpack on his back. His shoulder coat is too wide, so it might be the backpack is part of the outline.

LOL ....

... been using computers for years and never knew that!


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heh heh heh

our teenager daughter taught me that
AND just recently :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

If you look in the background

If you look in the background where the pink jacket lady is, that's the other bomber behind her. The cap gives him away there again.


these two young men leaving their bags at the scene and actually seeing these bags blow up, the FBI has NO PROOF AT ALL against these probably innocent young men.

If I were the one more recognizable boy, I'd be freaking out, ESPECIALLY if I was 100% innocent!! Get me a HIGH-POWERED ATTORNEY!!! And, I'd get myself recorded about my own innocence, ASAP, before they frame me & drug me against my will for this heinous crime.

Just because they don't show...

...the video of them dropping the bags doesn't mean they don't have it. Look at any famous murder trial and you'll find that the damning evidence didn't come out until trial.

kid probably wasn't supposed to live.

Just satisfy a profile that he was totally unwittingly enlisted in.

Good Info Here

Boston Bombing: Third Man with Craft International Ops Carrying TWO Bags / Others quickly Leave

Does the FBI have access to

Does the FBI have access to databases full of biometric face data?

How else could they have ruled everyone else out?

If you have a state driver's license, they have your facial biometric identification. If you have used an ATM or walked into a bank recently, your facial biometrics are more than likely stored in some supercomputer.

Ever go grocery shopping at a major supermarket? Even if you pay with cash, they probably know who you are the second you step in the door.

If you're on Facebook with a picture of yourself....it's like an instant identification machine to law enforcement.

The FBI uses a giant database to check for matching fingerprints, and I would not be surprised if they also have access to a giant database to check for a, "face match," too.

Perhaps these are the only two people who didn't register on their biometric grid radar?

Biometrics aside, the state run media doesn't want to touch the pictures of private military contractors with large backpacks standing at the finish line. They had boots on the ground, but don't want to admit it.

I personally do not think those Navy SEALs were involved, but they were involved in a military drill....but the state run media doesn't want to go there, and that's BS.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Yeah, for those commenting "FBI server has your personal IP now"

The DailyPaul doesn't use ssl encryption, does it? I could be wrong, but I don't think so (I have looked at the source info; there is https content, but from what I could ascertain, it's all Google-based.)

Log in to your account, notice how the log in (and the rest of the DailyPaul site) isn't openly encrypted? A lot of government agencies and other non-government ppl have had your personal IP's for a while.

No encryption here.

No, the Daily Paul doesn't run encryption, even if your browser asks for it.

(The server isn't even configured to encrypt if you ask for it. Note that if you stick an "https://" on the front of the URL you get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.)

So you probably don't want to post from work, where I.T. might be reading your postings. B-)

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Back when my wife and I ran a mailing list on a very controversial subject, 'way back before blogs, we ran with no encryption on the server, too. (No encryption on ANY traffic to/from the server, as a matter of policy.) And I made sure everybody signing up for the list knew this.

The idea was that, if the authorities followed up a tip from some disgruntled type:

- If they tapped the line, found only unencrypted traffic, and read it, they could see that there was nothing to bust us about and thus no career benefit to do so. Result: No disruption for us (or even any indication that they were watching.)

- If they tapped the line and found encrypted traffic, it would take 'em a few hours to go to a judge, get a warrant, break in, seize the server (along with any other electronics or computer media), and haul it off to be examined at their leisure (leaving us with a wrecked house and a major loss of records and then-very-expensive equipment). Then, when they found nothing, they would have a strong incentive to make something up to head off lawsuits.

So we ran bare. Also, we actually shut the list down, eventually restarting it under a new name with a new signup, when a user telegraphed that he was about to violate the rules with a lawbreaking posting.

The list had been closed and the users migrated to another mailing list by the time I needed to run an encrypted connection with an employer.

In these days of identity theft, industrial espionage, privacy violation, and common use of strong encryption to fight them, the story is different. But The Daily Paul is open to subscribers, which it accepts automatically. And we've made some powerful enemies among the powers that be. So what's the point of using encryption and giving our enemies an excuse to harass us?

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To be clear, transport layer security (commonly known as SSL) does not do a thing to mask your IP address; it encrypts the data being transmitted.

And for that matter, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the NSA has been buying up SSL cert companies for a long time (see link below).

Government sponsored SSL man-in-the-middle attacks are a very real possibility.

See here:

Encryption or not

I work in IT. Government authorized the use of 256-bit for websites. That means they already broke it.

I am sending out major

I am sending out major signals to the FBI and DHS so they see what I am writing here on DP, because I want to help in the See something say something program. I am a good American and want to help bring justice to the real perpetrators hurting our country. We are some of the most trustworthy people here on DP and the last thing in the world we would do is pull the trigger first. I want them to see my writings.

I even publish damning articles written in the third person like this so they can see some of the real terrorists;

I Told them A-Holes they Must Use Dirty Bombs or Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Get us to War With Iran!