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For Pakistanis It’s A Boston Marathon Bombing Nearly Everyday

My heart goes out to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, one of whom was an eight year old little boy named Martin Richard who had so much life in front of him.

What a terrible and senseless tragedy. I can’t let myself think about it for too long without welling up inside.

While my timing in saying what I’m about to say may seem harsh to some, now is the only time to make this point.

For the people of Pakistan the Boston Marathon bombing happens nearly every day. Sometimes it’s a lesser bomb and fewer people are killed or injured. Sometimes it’s a much larger bomb like one example that left nearly seventy children dead at one time (that’s about three times the loss of children that happened in Sandy Hook).

Can you imagine?

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The screams are the same...

Find a video of a bombing somewhere in the middle east that we have done and listen to the screams. The screams sound exactly the same as the screams that can be heard right after the Boston Marathon bombing.

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So true. Those incidents are only blurbs in the "World News"

section of the our news sources but when it happens in certain countries like ours, it's considered "breaking news" which means you can't escape hearing about it even if you tried.


I wondered why I was getting those emails.

You were certainly more eloquent than me.. and at least you didnt fall for the bullchit.


I believe our philosophy meets where the rubber meets the road.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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I get the daily emails from them too

so I see I'm in good company.

Good find Trevor

how true

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