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Oh Look, Rep. Mike Rogers Wife Stands To Benefit Greatly From CISPA Passing...

It would appear that Rep. Mike Rogers, the main person in Congress pushing for CISPA, has kept rather quiet about a very direct conflict of interest that calls into serious question the entire bill. It would appear that Rogers' wife stands to benefit quite a lot from the passage of CISPA, and has helped in the push to get the bill passed. It's somewhat amazing that no one has really covered this part of the story, but it highlights, yet again, the kind of activities by folks in Congress that make the public trust Congress less and less.

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Of course, this can't surprise anybody, here.

Of course, this CANNOT surprise anybody, here.


Now, okay for his wife's...

But what about the mistresses' bills?


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Reminds me of how Feinstein makes her husband money

Through pushing bills that basically equate to a payday for his investment firm.

How many wives does he have?

This name is unfamiliar.

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