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Senate to Vote on National Internet Tax on Monday 4/22

Senator Reid moved to proceed to Calendar #14, S.743, Marketplace Fairness Act, and filed cloture on the motion. We expect the cloture vote to occur at 5:30pm Monday, April 22.


See how your Senators voted on a "test" vote last month:

26 Republican Senators voted for it while 5 Democrats voted against it.

Please contact your Senators.


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Another sad day to be represented in NJ

Senator Melendez who vowed to vote against unlawful Internet legislation and bragged to his constituents about voting against SOPA and PIPA. Yet last month he votes Yea on the National Internet Tax, hopefully this wakes up the democrats in my state to see this crony for who he truly is.

In addition, to this deceitful and unrepresentative vote from the state of New Jersey, our other block headed retiring senator Lautenberg has embarrassed us further by being the 1 out of the 100 to abstain from voting, of course I should be thankful as I'm sure he would have followed suite with the rest of the 75 traitors.

Dear Honorable Senator so and

Dear Honorable Senator so and so,

Please vote against the internet sales...awe f*ck it...

Who'd a thunk that the best weapon against liberty would be mind numbing bureaucratic incompetence.

Harry Reid is nothing but a common criminal.

He's not alone in the Senate. Not a single Senator has been elected by a majority of eligible voters in 120 years or more.

The Senate is an undemocratic fraud. They don's even have the authority to order a roll of toilet paper.

Free includes debt-free!

are we just a meal nowadays

where is all the conversation legislating greater remedies for the people?

did that conversation end in 1776?

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.