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Alex Jones: "New World Order Burning Down!", 100,000 New Listeners To Infowars.com Every 60 Seconds

Alex Jones: "New World Order Burning Down!!", 100,000 New Listeners To Infowars.com Every 60 Seconds

Alex Jones stated during the third hour that infowars.com was averaging 100,000 new listeners every 60 seconds duringthis news cycle...

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I've been listening to AJ off and on since Bohemian Grove

but like TMOT says "Take everything with a grain of salt"

OH MY GOD ! Alexa.com ratings


Alexa.com ratings for Infowars is at 406 !! They should be at 480 at best- on the average bar-rut day.


Notice the Spike in Page Views Here

Since the marathon bombing the page views here at the Daily Paul have been up about 40,000 more views per day than usual.

Seems to be the case, the viewers of the Daily Paul goes up by tens of thousands after big national events. Not sure if these are from people sharing links here to others, or if it is the ones behind these bombings and political lies that come here to see just how much the people have caught on. Maybe a combination of the two. Plus, long time viewers probably stop in when they hear something big has happened and want real insight into the events.

The Daily Paul truly is a unique website, with a very intelligent community of members.


Alex Jones is a shill and the biggest dis info agent outside of the MSM. You "Jonestown" kool aid drinkers need to snap out of it!

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Alex is fantastic.

Having listened to his show for many years I know he has been right on every issue. Name one issue that he has been wrong about.

This time he has delivered the best news coverage of any media outlet. He puts mainstream media to shame.

On slow news days he acts up a bit and is funny - but when the chips are down he always delivers facts and reasoned logical views.

I think dis-info agents are the ones who dis him. Why else would anyone write derogatory statements about Alex unless they are paid and have no ethics or sense of humor.

When it comes to news Alex is fantastic and mainstream media is not believable or relevant any more.

He has been wrong on a number

He has been wrong on a number of things actually. As someone with a history degree, he has been inaccurate on German WWII history as well as U.S. History.

Well he hasn't been right on EVERY issue...

I mean he still is a Zionist who ignores the Israeli shadow dictatorship that runs both US political parties and still pushes the HOLOCAUST LIE.

But mostly he has worked to expose what is going on behind the scenes, he could be part of the controlled opposition though, in my opinion.

He also said for his listeners to not worry that Jesse Ventura is an avowed ATHEIST, that he, Alex, would show Jesse the error of his ways.

Or, he could be, just avoiding the extra hassle associated with anti-Zionist rhetoric.

I suppose I would trust him a lot more if he did a couple years in the slammer for his expose's.

Please explain the holocaust lie to me

I've heard this before, but if you saying the holocaust didn't exist at all, your the fool/liar, my family was there, and i personally know others who are survivors.

Everybody claims to know survivors

But nobody knows anybody who was exterminated...

There was a REAL holocaust though, and well documented too.

It was the holocaust of Christians killed by the Jews and Atheists who ran the USSR.

The holocaust of jews LIE is the foundational lie of the NWO, unless you can remove this PC blinder from over your eyes you will never be able to be anything but a slave to the Zionist/Globalist/financial shadow dictatorship.

Hey Anthony

There is an enormous amount of evidence to prove that most of what we have been told about the holocaust was false. Especially the gas chamber claims. If you care to research the facts, there are many good books you can read from here. http://vho.org/dl/ENG.html

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

HA HA HA ....... Oh Please............

"Having listened to his show for many years I know he has been right on every issue. Name one issue that he has been wrong about."

Alex Jones gets it wrong a lot of the time.

Take his Y2K bullshit for instance.
Or his "Saudis" run Hollywood.

Anyway, enjoy your idol and his lies here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHgCopVQ5Ek

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

This is how daft Alex Jones is........

He even lies about something as silly as toothpaste - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt16Vcuj_OA

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

Lol he does create a lot of

Lol he does create a lot of paranoia, but still entertaining to listen to nether the less.


sensationalism is awesome for those seeking a thrill.

That house is going to catch on fire someday.. 10 years later it burns... Alex Jones.. I TOLD YOU!

If the man wants to be taken seriously then be a serious person. Eliminate your ego from the equation and open your tent to objective, calm and rational debate.

Barking at everyone even scares the little kids.

If AJ is truly an asset, then he should take responsibility for the image that he projects on national TV. Nobody forced him to act like a fkn nutcase.. but our opposition seized on it immediately.

Take responsibility for your own actions. If you want declare you are a representative of this movement then act like it.

Im with ya brother. Upvoted times ten.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I Think we have plenty of .........

I think we have plenty of mild deliveries like Ron Paul , lew Rockwell, ben swann, Peter Schiff, steve pieczenik etc ...and even a moderate delivery in judge Nap and Gerald celente . So why not have one sensational delivery. Whatever helps spread the message.

you show me the documents

you show me the documents then ! are you going to be yosemite sam's cousin ?


Don't be Too Critical of Alex

Yes, his personality and delivery of his material is somewhat abrasive, maybe even intolerable to many.

We cannot change the way Alex behaves, and maybe should not even want to.

Alex does about %200 more to help save this nation than any talking head from the corporate controlled networks.


Alex is a grown ass man. He employs grown ass people. He associates himself with our philosophy.

He has a fkn responsibility to act like a grown ass man when on national television.

Screaming the 2nd revolution is coming if you try to take our guns.. we will not comply...


It does our movement no justice and it send our opponents all the ammunition they need to cast us in his light.

Rand and Ron represent us. They dont do this chit on national fkn TV.

If you are claiming to represent this movement then you owe it to every single one of us in this movement to act like a civil human being. Its called respect.

While AJ screams 'I told you so!!!'

Ron Paul didn't even take credit for the Tea Party that WE started on Dec 16th 2007.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Please just be careful!

This is how they work.

Rare Carroll Quigley interview - 1974 (Full Interview)

Professor Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown University, authored a massive volume entitled "Tragedy and Hope" in which he states: "There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims, and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies, but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known."

"The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences..."


Alex is a little over the top...

but no doubt he and that info war reporter are having a MAJOR impact on this story.

So much so, that Mark Levin's opening monologue was defecated to a vicious attack on Info Wars...the reporter and Alex.

Levin is following the "re-script".

Alex got "em on this one.

100K new listeners every minute


He'll have every man, woman and child in the country listening to his diatribe within 2 days then!

The number of new subscribers will be 7x the world population if he keeps it up for a year. Of course it would mean that every one on the planet would have to pay for 7 subscriptions each which would no doubt delight AJ!

And when Alexa will still rank him 400+, despite the whole world having subscribed to his website 7 times, then it will be PROOF that the Bohemian Grove-Bavarian death cult-luciferian-NWO-globalists are definitely scared of Alex charlatan Jones.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

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Wow, surprised at all the nasty comments

jeez, what has the guy done that has been so bad?

I don't listen to him but can agree with what a lot of what he says. Who can't?

It can't be denied he's gaining steam so why all the negativity?

Probably another partially true statement

Maybe at ONE TIME 100000 new listeners joined in an hour, but mathematically, saying that 100000 new listeners join EVERY HOUR is impossible, and misleading.


"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

300M Americans.. roughly 7B people...

do the math folks. In 24 hours he gets 2.4M NEW listeners? So he lands the whole country in about a week???

Lets say its the world.. At 100K an hour.. how long until he has the whole world wrapped up?

I wont even do the math because of how ridiculous this sounds. AJ got a huge boost from Drudge yesterday. Drudge commands more traffic on the net than anyone other jump site... Including Facebook.

Look at it like this. Drudge is a 'jump' site. You can usually share the information you get on drudge from the link he 'jumps' you to. The links that you see on Facebook may come from your local source, but because of the reach Drudge has, it more than likely came from him first.

Any site that is linked from Drudge will shut down if it is not ready for the traffic. Im not kidding. Ive seen it happen at least twice in the last week. Last one being a NYPost link that was null about the Boston Massacre.

All this being said..

Yes.. AJ saw a HUGE spike in traffic in the past few days. The devil is in the details.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

What I cant stand the most is

What I cant stand the most is the misleading headlines.

Most of the times, the headlines and the story are waaaaaaay different

Alex talking out of his @$$!

Alex talking out of his @$$!

Alex tends to exaggerate way

Alex tends to exaggerate way too much.. 100K every 60 seconds? Come on.. then you lose credibility..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

The government tends to lie daily

I trust Alex Jones much more than any talking head in the federal government.The feds are the KING of lies and I bet no one will disagree!If you trust the feds you are living in a fantasy world because all they do is conspire against the American people daily and they have NO remorse for their actions.Never ever trust any government!


Glad AJ was able to capitalize on the deaths and injuries of over 150 Americans just like the "NWO" that he claims to abhor, and is now bragging about it.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


Not likley AJ

What good has AJ really done? He preaches to the choir at best. Those of you that adore him will in time learn that he often twists the truth to his sensational advantage.

Most of you probably know nothing of the stunt he pulled using the derelict Sheen and the "30 minutes with the President"...and how it was initially presented as something that indeed happened only we found 2 hours later the story was changed to be only a hypothetical 30 minutes with the president.

He's nothing like Ron Paul either in manner or facts. He's a showman whose audience are "patriots".