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Something interesting from Boston pics

Remember those two guys who look like some sort of military or security?

Well, looking at the pics, I noticed something that I haven't seen anyone write about.

Those two were within 20 feet or so of where the first bomb went off before the fact, and then across the street looking back at the scene after the fact.

Here is the scene after the fact, and as someone else here pointed out they are standing in the street to the right of the van as we view it, just on the other side of the finish line:

Take note of where the finish line is. Follow the finish line to the left and you see a structure at the sidewalk with a blue top on it and plywood siding. Take note of where that is in relation to where people are gathered to help victims near the tree. It's probably no more than 20 feet or so from ground zero.

Now, take a look at this picture, which shows these same two guys before the blast on the sidewalk right next to that plywood structure at the finish line (it is the first picture on this page):

Now, if these guys are innocent security detail, then the bomb was planted RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!

And if they are not innocent, then ...

It would be interesting to find a pic of the scene at the bomb #2 location to see if guys in similar costumes were hanging out around that area.

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Youz Guyz Cracking The Truth

Conspiring to commit concerted acts of theorizing thru amused discernment... How un-American to not only open your eyes to see the forest but to peak at the trees in order to notice what's behind the trees.

How un-American of you! The FBI told you NOT TO LOOK!

Geez! Can't you follow simple instructions? Now look at the trouble you caused. People might THINK, and that is going to lead to questions and.... honestly, with the sequester, it is just very inconsiderate of you to put this extra burden on our alphabet soup overlords.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Dang ...

... I forgot about the sequester!

What will all the pretend decreases in the scheduled increases in spending that are always over budget anyway, I plum forgot we gotta cut back on unnecessary things like ... oh, I dunno ... investigatin' crimes and such.

You're right, we gotta pretend that we didn't see nooooobody else at the scene of the crime.