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Rand Paul Discusses Gun Control, Immigration Reform, and Boston Bombing - Glenn Beck 4/18/2013

Rand Paul talks gun control, immigration reform and the Boston bombing on the Glenn Beck Radio Program.


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Rand Paul get become leading POTUS with one political move

If Rand could quickly cobble together legislation that would more directly protect school children as he discussed along with funding to make existing background check systems stronger and enforce existing law and introduce it now he would defeat the Democrats and become a media darling again. I sent message through Rand's official web site and encourage others who agree to contact also with like message.

You can tell from Rand's conversation with Beck that he really wants to do something meaningful without politicizing. But I think he needs to politicize and turn the table.

He is a breath of fresh air.

Wonderful to hear his common sense honest approach. He is his father's son. How different this world will be if he can get through the rigged elections and media lies and brainwashing to become president.