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CISPA/Craft International/Boston Bombing Possible Link

Ok guys, so we know all know that Craft International was at the site of the Boston Marathon Bombing before the blast went off. Here is a link I just put together between them and the passage of CISPA. (might not mean anything, it's just a possible link I noticed).

If you read the article below (Thanks C_T_CZ), apparently Rep. Mike Rogers's wife, Kristi Clemens Rogers, "...was, until recently, the president and CEO of Aegis LLC a "security" defense contractor company." Now there are conflicts of interests going on, and she is likely to benefit from the passing of CISPA.


Now, I remembered seeing that name, Aegis.

First off, Rep. Mike Rogers was the guy leading the fight for passing CISPA. Now we learn that his wife was president and CEO of this defense contractor, Aegis.

Here is the link between Aegis and Craft International:

Tim Spicer,
Founder of Aegis Defence Services,
British Army (1974-94)

Now there is this guy: (same last name, same profession, relative? son?)

Mark Spicer
Co-Founder of Craft International
Retired British Army 25 years. (years??)

can we take this anywhere?

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for scratching my mental itch.

Pass it to Ben Swann


A For Effort And Finding Something Interestnig

Maybe this is something to pass to a news organization?

WhoWhatWhy.com is one "forensic journalism" website that might be interested. I can pass it along there if you're okay with that. Or you can submit it there as well.

I'd say EconomicPolicyJournal would be another interesting place to send this to. And possibly infowars.com. Of course you'd have to say "I have no idea what, if anything, any of this means but thought it was worthy of bringing to your attention".