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North Korea demands an end to sanctions and "No more nuke war games with South Korea" as condition of talks.

[The GUARDIAN'S headline is a pack of lies, as the article tells a completely different story.]

North Korea demands US withdrawal from peninsula before resuming talks

Pyongyang wants withdrawal of all UN sanctions and US pledge not to engage in 'nuclear war practice' with South

Tania Branigan in Beijing
guardian.co.uk, Thursday 18 April 2013 14.50 EDT

North Korea has issued a detailed statement on its terms for dialogue with the United States, after weeks of tensions.

The demands from the North's top military body include the withdrawal of all UN sanctions imposed due to Pyongyang's nuclear and missile tests, and a US pledge not to engage in "nuclear war practice" with the South. It said denuclearisation of the peninsula should begin with the withdrawal of US weapons.

Seoul was swift to dismiss the North's conditions as incomprehensible and illogical. The foreign ministry spokesman Cho Tai-young said: "We again strongly urge North Korea to stop this kind of insistence that we cannot totally understand and go down the path of a wise choice."

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N Korea and Iran do not have a Rothschild central bank.

Both are under heavy sanctions and threats of war. Hmmm Do ya think there is a "banker" connection in all this?

"The U.S. has spent countless billions since 1953 meddling in the Korean peninsula, setting dangerous tripwires in an area that is frankly none of our business. While Americans may have no clue that U.S. intervention actually goes back to 1871, the Koreans sure do, and since then the U.S. has rarely left the region alone."

U.S. and South Korea held a three day naval exercise that involved American warships armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles and even a nuclear-armed submarine. This month they are set to run another military exercise, this time with nuclear-capable B-52 bombers.

One can only imagine the response of the U.S. government if a foreign government was running war games with nuclear weapons and threatening Washington in the Gulf of Mexico." NATO-US is harassing N Korea. http://www.policymic.com/articles/31083/war-with-north-korea...