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Journalist to FBI: "Tell Us About the Bomb Drill!" (Boston Marathon Bombing) (VIDEO)

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Existence of security

Existence of security contractors does not mean anything nefarious was going on. Doesn't mean there was intel of an attack, doesn't mean the police were complicit in an attack, it doesn't mean anything. It's common for police forces to employ security contractors to help provide security for big public events. The police need a certain number of officers for traditional services. If all the police disappear during a big event (to cover the big event) then other parts of town are left wide open for theft and whatnot. So during a special event they need more people than they typically have, but it's a temporary need. So what do they do, they hire security contractors. It's not any more complicated than this.

Then, he should have

simply answered the damned question, no?

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, an

well we all know it is time we just start openly saying it

no more holding back from public conversation the willful ignorance must be called out.

FBI is Cooperating with Israeli Police but will not cooperate with WE THE PEOPLE.

Those fuhking buttholes...

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.


So why is this not all over the news???????????????????I can not stomach the TV anymore.This needs to be spread and let the American people know.He can not even answer the question!


They have been caught and the post 9/11 tricks will not work this time, this could get very ugly!




Refusing to Address the Question

Refusing to address the question would indicate guilty demeanor.

Reminds me of that cop Vance

at Sandy Hook when the reporter asked if Nancy Lanza was associated with the school...He just acted like the question was never asked...That's because Nancy Lanza had no connection to the school although the actors being used said she was a teacher there ? There is no investigative journalism anymore but this is good.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

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No it wouldn't

It appears he just answered the question, and that is why he ignored it.

Undo what Wilson did

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This story needs some context.

It appears the speaker had already answered the question from Karen, which preceded this question, and was inaudible. That being the case, the reason for ignoring the follow-up question would be self evident and warranted.
Having said that, this is a question which demands an explanation. If I were a reporter, I'd stay on this, and start by speaking with the event coordinators.

Undo what Wilson did

No, I created this video, it's not out of context.

Here's the full FBI briefing, so you can listen for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZRzB_nYkFQ

The FBI agent was referencing something else when he mentioned Karen

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I did not say it is out of context.

I said it needs some context.
Do I assume then that you have a transcript of the question Karen asked? What was it? What question did Karen ask. It is your responsibility as the OP to put it in context. Otherwise, it appears you are trying to manipulate a conclusion.
The question itself begs for context; "Why are you denying ?" When did he deny anything regarding the bomb sniffers?

Undo what Wilson did

No need for the attitude

Relax dude, I gave you the full video. No need to freak out. *expects more psychotic responses from douche having a bad day and venting on forums*

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So what did Karen ask?

If you state emphatically her question was not related to the following question, you must know what she asked. What was her question? It is not audible in the video.
You are portraying this as the FBI guy shirking the question outright. There is reason to believe that is not the case, which creates question of your motive. I just want it cleared up. It's possible the FBI guy was trying to hide nothing.
You can make mocking comments all you want, down vote, and play like little children, but it doesn't help find the truth, which is my only concern.

Undo what Wilson did


Clearly this people down voting you don't care about the truth, they only care about what they want the truth to be. There is no use pointing out their faulty logic, they will see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

He gave you the source document (video)

If it is inaudible, that is not his fault. Demanding that he decipher something that you find inaudible makes you look like a twit.

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"The FBI agent was referencing something else when he mentioned Karen".
That's his words in reply to my question. He claims to know, so share.
If true, fine. But until it's known, it certainly appears the FBI guy ignored this question because he had already answered it, not out of guilt or trying to hide something, as all the down voters seem to want to believe.

Undo what Wilson did

Who are the coordinators?

Who are the coordinators?

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Whatever org runs the Boston Marathon.

They have an office and staff somewhere. Shouldn't be hard to find.

Undo what Wilson did

You know what

This time I was calling bullshit on the conspiracy theory...and then you have to give me this video....Why is there ALWAYS some bullshit going on. It would of been so simple to say "What are you talking about" or "I am not aware of any drills"......end of story...but NOOOO we have to get this guy stammering about "I can't talk about it". Really?...now it opens up an entire new thought process. Thank you DP.

exactly my sentiments

i thought the navy seal stuff was a big stretch, but stuff like this just makes you wonder...

All of the video evidence?

The police release enough for suspects to be identified. I have never known them to release "all" of the evidence because of the risk of its being compromised in the case. Any famous murder case, you'll see the same situation.

The Saudi National in the

The Saudi National in the white cap near the light post where the 1st bomb went off in this image, third one down circled in red near fence;


Video worked this time. Why or what is the fbi covering up?

I'm the uploader of the video

I had to take the vid down, because one of the "facts" I used was off. Fixed it up, and reuploaded to ensure accuracy. Check out my YouTube channel, you'll enjoy my videos: http://www.youtube.com/lifelibertynow

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new link

Bump and watch before this is

Bump and watch before this is taken down too.

Why are they taking down so many videos? Is Family Guy really that bad?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Video Removed

Take this down without video it's meaningless

Sometimes the video file can

Sometimes the video file can be found in the temp internet file;

To view temporary Internet files
1.Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Internet Explorer.

2.Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

3.Click the General tab, and then, under Browsing history, click Settings.

4.In the Settings dialog box, click View files.

video removed???

That's what I'm seeing...
Anybody else?